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TK Call #2 (Sophia's Man)

Yea, wussup? Who's this?
Wussup, wuchu TK?
What's going Fan?
Oh ain't much of nothing
Nigga, wussup wit you my nigga?
Oh no, I don't know who I'm talkin to
Man, you know who this is
Man this is Furious Dog on the trigger
Nigga, Sophia's man
Wussup wit all that text message and bullshit you got on my girl phone my nigga?
Yo hold up on one second, I'm on a conference on another line, hold on
Yo Fan from Detroit, wussup?
This is Rob, wussup?
Yea, I want both yall to meet each other
Rob, what's happening? This is Furious Dog
Man, you complainin I'm inboxin your wife
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My man over here talkin about inboxin his girlfriend
So let me just put both you niggas up on game
I became a pl…
Nah nah nah nah, how you gon put me…? You say you'll put me up on game
Yea, I'mma put you up on game
Hey check this out TK
You know where I'm at all day man
I see you, you don't see me though
You know what I mean?
You on my girl's line with that funny shit
I mean wuchu fin to teach me?
Just sit back and just relax young man
Playa to playa, pimp to pimp
Without you guys tryina tongue wrestle a nigga
I'mma put you up on game so your bitch won't be out of control
That's pretty much what I'm trying to do

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