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Swollen Members


[** feat. Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm:]

'What the fuck is going on?'

[Verse 1: ~Prevail~]
Wreathe the whirlwind
Revisit the deep end
Ghost town, show down, diamond head creek bed
The fugitive pugilist
Luminous, anonymous
Doomsday is looming us, it's obvious
Heal like the hands of a medicine man
Decon feathers
Flesh on bone
Real vendettas
Steal cantines, at least two roam on wild plain
For my voice drain the gramophone, dance for rain
Cloak and spell
Choke on smoke from my broken quail
Pray from the padre when I take you from your madre
Bottom barrel rum, double-barrel light a broadway
Derelicts of dialect
Dangerous environment
Lone star, no law will ever slow my hand
So far, quick draw, quit while you can
Quicksand suffocates and draws out the breathing
Hallucinations follow
And then, loss of feeling

[Chorus: Sick Jacken]
Welcome to the darkside
With (??) counter-clockwise
You lookin' through the glass from the outside
Be safe when you come in
Cause death'll leave ya mouth wide
Soul, legs and the body
Spirit from me now, rise
I arrive to take lives and tell lives
I'm wanted dead or alive, cause when the needle cries
In your bloodstream
I'm the one drivin' this lush dream
Overdose an eye on you, so, don't ever trust me

[Verse 2: Madchild]
Hang the hang man
Jesse James gang
Guns drawn at sundown, fun starts from one pound
The one pound of marijuana, new era
Shame blue lightning in a Porsche Guerrera
Still, I'm all heart
This a mind true as dark
To my dream team
Til my death do us part
Break bread with convict, real fucking killers
Get clocked by cop with binoculars
I'm unpopular
But able to manipulate
Your social circle
You should just be careful
I'm the Deer Hunter
It's a tough winter
Still, I'm inventive
This a real friendship
We ride under the moonlight, break of dawn
Not actors, cowboy hat, mask and black horse
Factor kicked in Commando Rambo
Tahoe to Lambough
That's when we gamble

[Repeat Chorus]


[Verse 3: Madchild]
Eight bars of bravehearts
Circle through your brain, I'm perfectly insane
Who wanna challenge the birth of Christ on
The calender
You a Scorpio on the horoscope
World's ugliest man, plus I'm adorable
Oracle that can predict intentions
Still filled with tention, drunk with revenge
While my enemies have lunch with my friends

Children of the twilight, born in primal fury
The hammer on the strings plays a death song wickedly
Prevail'll nail through your heart, sounds painful
Trumpets welcome me like Gabriel The Archangel
Hollow images
Wavering echoes
Subtle differences, pinebox and shovel
Barb wire, dynamite, switchblade advocates
Starfire midnight full moon naturalist

[Repeat Chorus]

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