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Swollen Members


(Let's go)
Prevail, the merciless mercenaries of militants*
No resemblance to any other assembly's heritage
Despair will be the downfall of arrogance
Repairs will be necessary too much heavy damage
Counter intelligence
Spy craft flys past keys the aviator
Recessitation, reincarnation, I'm the reanimator
Greater mind power than einstein
Genius and insanity we walkin a fine line
Talk about prime time exposure, face remains poker
Overload the road to stardom like exploding supernovas
Maintain composure
Where theres ability, violoent turbulence
You hear the voice of a surgeon and wake up in an ambulance (what the fuck!?)
Youre out of your element,a graveyard of skeletons
Elephants in a caravan cross the mountain like hannibal
Lite the firin wicks, make the air thick with cannon balls
Nothing that I cant resolve
Chemicals meant to dissolve

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(Let's go)
Greed, pain, and torture
Lock this in my room, I'm an insane sorceror
(you're mad)
What I'm sayin, shanes forcefull
You dont wanna fuck with a vane cane corso
War mask on a chosen path
You dont wanna laugh at this sociopath
Dont try to act hardcore, you staysoft
An unchained pitbull will rip your face off
Backpack with an axe and a chainsaw
Madchilde's back im'a grab what I came for
Masked bandit, skins been branded
Smoke clears I'm the last man standin
God blessed me with a gift, I'm so gratefull
Bent out of shape but I still stay faithful
Purified poison, strength of gorilla
Meantally killah, meant to be illah
(Let's go)

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