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Swollen Members

Electric Chair

I keep my mouth real sharp like a dagger mouth,
You got me, I cut to chops for T-Boy and the Border House.
Order that and pick it up,
Stick a knife, defend your guts,
Before you grab some... and plastic cups.
..I'm getting a headache,
But that shit will only get inside of my head if I let it!
I spread it up and slowed it down,
We played it backwards, .…
When the reverend sent you ... to use my name as reference.
With your intentions my inventions meant to help the planet!
My occupation, devastation that's my only talent!
I burn the building, …then I crashed the cars,
I hear the copes coming, someone must have tipped them off!
…. I'm just like the master thief!
..on the Spanish beach!

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I will
Grow stronger 'till I possess my full power,
From the bottom of swamp to a tall tower!
I killed … you were all cowards,…
Sacrifice my life, sharpen my knife,
Every day ….and darker at night!
Now I'm dagger mouth, nothing to brag about,
I go back ten years and let the …
..heavy metal piece, creep like a central piece,
Speak like a…
…of destroyed enemies,…
Wounds… torn fake friendships,
Drink revenge, eat vengeance ,
You better pay attention I'm a slain…
Get me God, motel, sick, no mini bar,
No credit card, I can't even get a rent car.

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