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Swollen Members

River Monster / Underground Interlude

You have now entered a very rare group of people in this country,
You're in the - the ranks of Charley Manson, Ted Bundy,
A lot was made, that you're a devil worshiper
Do you worship the devil?

[Verse 1: Madchild]
Hey yo I'm hungry and my city awaits,
I'm a new born vampire, rapping making minimum wage
They acting like they really afraid,
I'm just a third of us, you heard of us, we're murderers with hideous rage
I'll beat you to a pulp, stomp you to oblivion
Worshiping the lizard king cause I'm a sick amphibian
Welcome to the next deliverance we give in concert
Creeping through the jungle I'm a fucking river monster
And to these pyro kids I probably rule
But I am daunted and I'm haunted by these goblins and ghouls
My heart pumps acid rain, spit nitroglycerin
Demented little fuckin' rap for all the psychos listening
My fall from grace was harsh
Now we tread through the marsh
In the darker spots the sunlight is sparse
And most these kids is spitting a farce
Fucking liars, I'm on fire, times are hard, I'm spitting prisoners bars

[Hook: Madchild]
I'm a narcissist, sociopathic tendencies
Struggling, I'm a junkie with an opiate dependency
The devil wrote a contract, gave me no contingencies
Wrote my name in blood but I woke up without remembering
Yeah, welcome to the human soul
Scriptures from the bible cataloged in roman numerals
First I find a fraud, then I feel kind of hard
I'm not a Satan worshiper, I'm a child of God

[Verse 2: Prevail]
Envision the wisdom of the scissors as I intervene
Systematically my laboratory category clean
Surgical curvature
First version murderer
First person shooter video games, and aim earlier
No ex-communicate
Human fatalities
Zombies walked down to move the bombs around the armories
Calm and deadly, steadily heavily made for confrontation
Black rose graveside incarnation, white and dead carnations
Night of the living dead, an infestation claims a city block
Then another, after that they hunger when they walk
Start to prey like wild hyenas and starving predators
Remarkable my artform performed very effortless
Chainsaw massacre, ambassador and president
My sentiments exactly so do not disturb the sediment
Did I bury them there? Isn't that very clear and evident
No look of fear or surprise in my eyes I'm never hesitant


[Verse 3: Madchild]
I'm hot as an iguana in the sauna with the lava rocks
Smarter fire starter no one hotter than the savage dog
Growling with these rabid fangs, slicing like a bear claw
Light a match right after filling up a room with aerosol
My head is spinning like a carousel, where is hell?
Demons screaming underneath the surface, you can hear 'em yell
Master of disaster I am still behind the 8 Ball
Make me mad your head will fucking splatter like a paint ball
I mash locals, with scratched vocals, and hate rumours
I'm old as fuck, yeah I'm a late bloomer
Shit I admit it, I'm a midget with a complex
Explosive little bastard I'm a motherfucking bomb threat
My mouth is full of rotten teeth, eyes are full of suffering
Quit taking Oxycontin, now I'm taking Bufferin
Tears taste like sacrifice, lost in humility
One more chance we will not waste ability


[Underground Interlude:]
Perfect and unique in a desolate world
Was I left to perish of starvation (Underground)
In this subterranean world of darkness
Disappearing down under the dirt
There must be a way out
To learn the secret of the way back

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