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Swollen Members


My comparative dissention
From high as an intense discription
Of why the valkyrie fly, calculate
The circumference of the sky for future reference
Measure it all from bird's eye to add some fuel to my furnace
To those who scratch the surface and lace signs of plotonus
Expected to strown trajectory of david's sling to goliath
Nor abundance of nouses accommodate my body weight
Circle 1-9-7-5 with
Instruments of vine and i'll
Dine the road of chrisis if it
Crosses over to the land of radiogiants
Founded by po-pyus and pontious pilots
I make ?garbious? my habit to stab it until it's had it
Encourage the cutting of marionette by bayonette
To escape the twin maker's cabinet
I was born in between 11:59 and 12 which 12 falls into thirteen
Prepare the barricades for the running of the ramping
While some try to change or exist to its wash cloth soaked in chlorine

Much too dangerous
Meet the perfect stranger
I'm the extreme case of fire and anger
The misguided angel with deep routed fears
My face shows the years of blood sweating tears
Pay attention, this gypsy that deeply senses
Evil spirits lurking behind picket fences
Embarking darker images and skeletal remains
Cold hearted soldier with ice in his veins
I'm twice as insane
My advice is refrain
From confrontation, total annihilation
Serenating my princess, gut renching terror
See much clearer on my side of the mirror.....
Progressing modestly, moderately dichotomy
Manslaughter sporadically, automatically adequate
Gang up on myself, by myself, but keep me out of it
Undoubtedly a lunatic, battle axe exclusive
I'm utterly repulsive and self abusive
Offerings from the gifted i'm swiftly elusive
Making fun of myself i'm quadrofrenic mentally
Not laughing at me i'm laughing with me accidentally
Trip on swollen members, keep it on if it suits ya
Silver surfing and ride the wave of the future

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