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Swollen Members


(Moka Only)
Im Pyschosimatic you might know the static that automatically comes when we hit these drums
All of the underworld sayin here he comes
to snatch back the crown and thats passed around
In my fleet we beat the odds, meet the godfathers
we keep the crowd hotter you speak and why bother
I automata Fire my style i gotta
I got a moniker thats volitile its flowtorch
Im not the type to sit around on barstools
Me and the mic we been around since carpools
and now with the 90's behind me i finally designed the epitamy of grimey
you can finally wear the sunshine betry me and i'll have you all crying why me

Ambush, Takin it back to the place we made the name known and theres no survival
Ambush, We never seen this shit comin and we want you to know we still hold the title
we still hold the title, theres no survival y'all should get bide
We Strike Without Warning, Show no Remorse, We Run the Darkside

Dangerous and Uncivilized bars brains jars chains thats how im livin life
Role Reversal i'll go commercial then go back to underground wit no rehearsal
roads are closed cuz boulders rollin, im'a bulldoze and my shelter's frozen
coldblooded and coldhearted im cut throat, im gon finish what i started whassup bro
Redeem my Team raps cap'll regeme, Captain of the makin and happeh machine
bossaball bosses you, cut your losses
catch what your tossed and im fuckin awesome
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My luck i'll Profit
of course im on my own dick its attached cant get off it
Jack Move Hidin under the Stair Case
Army Fatigued Strap Gas Mask and Bear Mace


We Discovered the Brotherhood of the Wolves
Where we cut em good and feed em to the dogs
im involved
mysteries unsolved
the opening groups on cool tell me when its ours
im'a treat it like a gymnasium
goin 2 times platinum we only play to win
I cant hold again, Im Spinnin out of orbit
Im Comin for ya
if i can plan it like i fought for it
Metamorphic, Something Metal in my Pocket
turn of gum i'll make you knife an slice an eye socket
Got advice like crock it in tubs
got you higher then the drugs that they made in bathtubs
ambush'll push thru with muscle
push come to shove i got you seein double
Purest Shock Value my Corps C4's
Like crawling thru a trench in the 2nd world War

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