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Father Figure

I'm a sire from the game, if you fake then live
Cause none of this shit I spit will be make believe
I got signed a job back in 93,
Waas one of the only rappers who would rhyme for free
What the fuck with electro my man dante ross
But that was made new york like picante sauce
I wanted to my own shit, real youngin some grown shit
Rappin at the yabbin, yep, it kept my phone lid
Me, my shorts, spread love and price poetry
Ab nos know that nobody can flow with me
Except pep, so we pass the mike
Back and forth, I have the night
To cast these whores
Somebody better sign me in ...
Before I turn to an imminent threat and squash your whole raster
See I'm a rap type of monster
But I wouldn't sign and ship, less I was seeing some change
Jaw sent out sophia in trying
And my niggas was like go and see maine
She was thinking at the nico, the whole kill the sf
We hooked up and kicked it all week yo
She signed me, and left me dead
Doodle took the drive was jeffrey sleds
I used to get em open daily yo
This was back when christ lighty was still working radio
Them was my baby years, and I was like hell yeah, I done made it here
But they made it clear, young man about to drop a jaded tear
Just might broke into a father figure
Just might broke into a father figure

Now when dive drive you, I can barely survive papi
Fall in the sewers and only sold 5 copies
Really bought a hundred thousands, but now this after
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I done spent half a million and have some children
So it's back to the block, another sold facts on the rocks
They got me feeding my baby girls, jack in the box
Hit in the pawn shop, cause I spent a rack on a watch
Everybody know that my deal was through
That's when a few good dudes I started to mill you
Now that's evil on the turf and there's good will too
But now you know how niggas in the hood will do
I said fuck depression, turn my life into a constructive lesson
For ducky catching
Just might broke into a father figure
Just might broke into a father figure

But to think about it, it ain't no punking me
I made a company, offer 2 bumping beats
Now we independent, first album, over 100000
Times 10 nigga, provided by 25% that we was given by distributors
We no longer fuck with
So that's 750 for 7 cats to break up, that ain't shit
Let's make that cake up, move another 100 with that both size of the brain
Not like 50 getting change from both sides of the game
While I play joint, another hundred +
This rap crew wanted with us, no not them, no no
We spying them, living legends, we put em on like condoms
And little brother, y'all doing they first tour
Now I'm calling big dog to see what I can get a verse for
Don't get it, twitt it, these all my niggas
But I'm casual, hip hop father figure
Just might broke into a father figure
Just might broke into a father figure.

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