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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

Stupid Producers

[Hook:]These stupid producers [x8]

Yo, wassup my main man?
(Yo wassup Canibus?)
What's your name? (DJ R2-D2)
I heard you got beats
(C'mon nigga, I got beats of pain)
Yeah I hear what you sayin, but are they flames?
(My shit is John Blaze)
You got a card or somethin? (Nah)
Put your number on the CD, I'll give you a call or somethin
(It's just, I'm not gon' be here for long)
How long you in town?
(About a week or so)
Where you stayin at man?
(I'm stayin with my manager)
Who's your manager, him over there? (Yeah)
The nigga with the Southpole sweatsuit and permed hair?
(Yeah! I been with him for 12 years!)
Listen don't even trip, I just want some beats to finish my shit
(How you tryin to come this time?)
I'm lookin for some hard shit (some hard shit?)
Yeah, like some Beat Brokers or Mark Sparx shit
(Whatever you want, I can play it Canibus)
Huh, play what?
(The track, when do you want me to lay it?)
Lay what? (See, aiight nigga, keep sleepin. I got heat!)
Yo relax my main man I'ma call you, peace
I got back to the crib, popped in the CD
And turned it up loud to see if had some real beats
...I heard somethin I felt
I hit the nigga on the cell to see if it was for sale
Yo can I speak to DJ..(who dis? Canibus?)
Yo I'm feelin tracks 2 and 6
(Those tracks are reserved!)..Whatever
Bottom line: you give me the tracks, I give you the cheddar
(Cheddar? Yeeah!)
We can do it around 10pm (That's too late man)
In the studio off of [?]
(Can you come pick me up, nigga?)
At that point, I didn't even feel like answerin him
Stupid-ass motherfuckin producer got me real upset
And I ain't even got to work with him yet
I showed up at 10:30, so I was already late
He showed up after me and forgot to bring his own DAT tapes
He shook my hand with both of his hands
And told me he could play it over again with both of his friends
Yo, as long as I get tracks 2 and 6
I don't give a fuck who really produced the shit
Just DO the shit (Okay, calm down..
You better watch who you beef with nigga, for real!)
When I get back, I want it laid
(You gonna pay me tonight?)
Yeah you gonna get paid!
I'ma leave, jump in the car, speed
Go to my man, get some trees
Get somethin to eat and I'll be back by 3 (Aiight)

[Hook x4]
[over hook]Will you be done by then?
(It's gonna be fire nigga, trust me!)

Hold up
Five hours later you ain't laid nothin?
Not one piece of percussion?
You mean to tell me you ain't pressed one button?
You think this is motherfuckin pre-production or somethin?
You know we ain't got a budget
Who told you to order lunch, bitch?
(Hold up Bis, you ain't got no love for me?
Your name's Canibus and you ain't got no bud for me?)
You know what? Fuck it, I don't even want it no more
Cause the track you sellin me probably ain't even yours (WHAT?!)

[Hook x12]

'I can't stop these teardrops of mine...' [repeat till fade]

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