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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

The Dragon Of Judah

Yeah, The Dragon of Judah*
Melatonin Magik producer

Mr. Magorium's metaphor emporium
Vanglorious warriors with deep space euporia
The Dragon of Judah executed the Lion from Narnia
I'm still trying to build God's army up
The pedagogy tried to call me a communist
And pacify my audience, sprinkle them with zombie dust
The isosceldren is a prison for a three headed demon, Hip Hop behemoth
Knowledge is needed to argue with the followers of Jesus
Rearranging impossible peices, my quantum is increasing
I am sleeping in a posturpedic, deeply breathing
Dreaming a chakra site-seeing, philosophically speaking
I saw Ghandi weakening from now eating
I saw police brutality beatings
I saw the leaders getting into spaceships and leaving
I tried to search for possible meanings
But I couldn't see the logical reasoning
Said survival of the species, no Macbook no PCs
No electricity, no TV
No emcee battles, no Christmas carols
Just international?
Brown produce consumed by sick cattle
Bone thin mammals hooked up to intravenous vaccination panels
Collecting contaminated skin samples
This is not natural, God damn you!
Everybody on the planet don't deserve that, not even the animals
You are completely culpable for everything you're supposed to do
Even if it's not known to you
The weight of the language I spoke to you
The weight of the letters and the words in the rhymes that I wrote for you
Are so so emotional, I don't even know what to do
So I'm a leave the choice up to you

Dragon of Judah
I spit like a supernatural computer
Professor Bis, I'm with the Minister of Intelligence
Hold me down Professor Griff

[Professor Griff:]
Minds that produce minds that produce minds like mines

Now everyone want to talk about conspiracy
You should of took Channel Zero more seriously
Professor Bis got a ghetto Ph.D in Chemistry
Professor Griff taught me how to spit it lyrically
Now I'm part of the Ministry
Put my name on the blacklist
'Cause I don't dickride nobody in the industry
Where's the fuckin' empathy? I've been through so much treachery
Most of the best emcees disrespected me and tried to get the best of me
Never tried to rescue me or help me with the reciepe
What do they expect from me!?
Stressin' me, questionin' me to address the beef
I rep Hip Hop, Hip Hop don't rep me
I never got a penny off that Beef DVD
You mean all that money went to QD3?
I should have slammed the door in his face
If I was a different nigga, I'da been caught a criminal case
The best word to describe what you do to Hip Hop is 'rape'
'Cause you don't care about Hip Hop's fate
You sit around your tables and say grace
Eatin' steak, while you live like kings and treat kings like apes
For Michael Jackson money, and still on the take
Even Tevin Campbell's money, the greed is so great
You probably dance around your mansion, like Cirque Du Soleil
Everything is paid for, you don't have to pro-rate
I ain't hatin', I'm not hatin', I'm just sayin'
You makin' money off the next man's struggle. Why you can't pay him?
They made millions off them Beef DVDs
But didn't pay K-Solo or Eazy E
It's called Blaxploitation
Another one of Canibus' paranoid statements that's why I'm famous
I'm just tryin' to tell niggas how the game is
Beef in Hip Hop is just aimless entertainment
If I shoot you, I'm blameless, but if you shoot me, you famous
What's a nigga to do? Now ain't that the godamn truth
No matter what Hip Hop always lose!
Wake the fuck up