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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

Worthlessness Purpose

He is the Sea Merchant who eats Sea Urchins and Sea Serpents
He does it to give his obvious 'Worthlessness Purpose'
Deep Sea searches bring his verses back up to the surface
Someone is brought in to interpret
Do not engage in conjectural with the professor
Just nod ya head and say Yes Sir! Here is the next verse
Toxicology analysis, MCs examine Bis but it's too late...
Nothing above ground will escape
The jungle will haunt you, the desert becomes you
Be humble, if it ever takes something from you
No advantage, No standard
Ya Tranquility is being tampered with by Canibus' masterpiece mantra
When albums are requested, they used to be respected
Only the best deserve to be the center of attention
Enter the legend, Hip Hop will never forget him
And Laser Weapons are now being tested
Inside this bubble composed of two poles
I think I can come up with a few flows, bullshit
Says whose knows, just another boy from the Group Home
Who's good at producing a few songs
I wonder how many MCs lives I've touched?
How many lives that I've protected them from?
More powerful public speaker low budget demeanour
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Look like the reaper, senior Ripper information retriever
Slick talk or barter away your OES Charter
Not smarter, just thinking harder, it's truly an honour
Plutocracy, Kleptocracy, to be or not to be?
Please talk to me, I'll show you how these rhymes ought to be
There is not much time to decide or take sides
You are standing in the middle of lyrical fratricide
Giant tiger mosquitoes and carrion beetles biting people
The Mist makes it hard to see through
It has always been believed by those even wiser than me
That nobody can describe what I see
Reality hangs in the balance
The 'C' of Tranquility is not a body of water it's an Island
A string of islands that connect like strings on a violin
Waking up to a dark horizon
My rap style will always be in its prime
You rhyme for yourself, I rhyme for mankind!
Wireless or landline? Any time
Grab the mic and do the damn rhyme

Any time. Grab the mic and do the damn rhyme.

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