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Eminem( Slim Shady )

3 a.m. - Album Version (Edited)

Oh oh
Oh(yea) oh(yea) oh(yea)
Oh oh
Oh(yea) oh(yea) oh(yea)
Oh oh
Oh(yea) oh(yea) oh(yea) oh(yea)oh(yea)
There is no escaping (yo)(yo)
There's no place to hide(yo)(yo)
You scream, someone save me(yo)(yo)
But they don't pave no mind(yo) (yo)
(Good night)
Good bye

Your walkin' down a horror corridor
It's almost four in the mornin'
And your in a nightmare
It's horrible
Right there's the coroner
Waitin' for you
To turn the corner
So he can corner ya
Your a goner
He's on a ya
Out the corner of his cornea
He just saw you run
All you want is to rest
Cause you can't run anymore
Your done
All he wants is to kill you in front of an audience
While everybody
Is watchin' in the party applauding it
Here I sit while I'm caught up in deep thought again
Contemplating my next plot again
Swallowin' a colata pin
While I'm noddin'
In and out on the ottoman and
If the Ramada Inn
Holdin' onto the pill bottle then
Stick my finger and swirl it round the bottom
And make sure I got all of it
Wake up naked at Mcdonald's
Blood all over me
Dead bodies
Behind the counter
Guess I must of just blacked out again
Not again

It's three am in the mornin'
Put my key in the door
There's bodies layin' all of the floor and
I don't remember how they got there but I guess I must of killed em
Killed em
I said
It's three am in the mornin'
Put my key in the door
There's bodies layin' all of the floor and
I don't remember how they got there but I guess I must of killed em
Killed em

Sitting nude in my living room
It's almost noon
I wonder what's on the tube
Maybe they'll show some boobs
Surfing every channel
Until I find Hannah Montana
Then I reach for the aloe and lanalin'
Blood all over the wall panel and dismantlin'
Every candle on top of the fire place
Grab my flannel and my bandana' then
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Kiss the naked manequin' man again
You can see him standin' in my
Front window
If you look in
I'm just a hooligan
Who's use to usin' hallucinogens
Causin' illusions again
Brain contusions again
Cutting and bruising the skin
Raise the scissors and pins
Jesus when does it end
Phases that I go through
Dazed and not so confused
Days that I don't know who
Gave these molecules too
What am I gone do
Hey the prodigal son
The diabolical one
Very methodical
When I slaughter dem

She puts the lotion in the bucket
He puts the lotion on the skin
Or else it gets the hose again
She puts the lotion in the bucket
He puts the lotion on the skin
Or else it gets the hose again

I duck and I slash slice and gash
Last night was a blast
I can't quite remember when I
Had that much fun
Off a half pint fifth of Jack
My last Vic and a half
A flashlight
Up Kim Kardashians ass

I remember the first time
I dismembered the family member
December I think it was
I was having drinks with my cousin
And I wrapped him
In Christmas lights
Pushed him into the stinkin' tub
Cut him up into pieces
Then just when I went to drink his
I thought I outta drink his bath water
That outta be fun
That's when my days of serial murder man slaughter begun
The sight of blood excites me
That might be an artery son
Your blood coverin' screams
Just don't seem to bother me none
It's three am
And here I come
So you should probably run
A secret passage way around here
Man there's got to be one
Oh no there's probably none
He can scream all that he wants
Top of his lungs
It ain't no stoppin' me from choppin' him up(up)

yo (yo)
A yo (a yo)
yo (yo)
A yo (a yo)
yo (yo)
A yo (a yo)
yo (yo)
A yo (a yo)

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