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Say Goodbye To Hollywood Instrumental

sayin' goodbye, sayin' goodbye to hollywood
sayin' goodbye, sayin' goodbye to hollywood
sayin' goodbye, sayin' goodbye to hollywood
sayin' goodbye, sayin' goodbye to hollywood
{hollywood}, sayin' goodbye, sayin' goodbye to hollywood
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{why do i feel this way}, sayin' goodbye, sayin' goodbye to hollywood
sayin' goodbye, sayin' goodbye to hollywood
sayin' goodbye, sayin' goodbye to hollywood

[verse 1]
i thought i had it all figured out, i did
i thought i was tough enough to stick it out with kim
but i wasn't tough enough to juggle two things at once
i found myself layin' on my knees in cuffs
which should've been a reason enough, for me to get my stuff and just leave
how come i couldn't see this myself, it's just me
nobody couldn't see the i felt men
knowin' damn well she wasn't gonna be there when i fell, to catch me
the minute was heated she just bailed
i'm standin' here swingin' on like thirty people by myself
i couldn't even see the millimetere when it fell
turned around saw gary stashin' the heater in his belt
saw the bouncers rush him and beat him to the ground
i just sold two million records, i don't need to go to jail
i'm not about to lose my freedom over no female
i need to slow down
try to get my feet on solid ground, so for now i'm...

say good bye to hollywood smoke your orange juice
[verse 2]
bury my face in comic books, cause i don't want to look
at nothin', this world's too much
i've swallowed all i could
if i could swallow a bottle of tylenol i would, and end it for good
just say goodbye to hollywood
i probably should, these problems are piling all at once
cause everything that bothers me, i got it bottled up
i think i'm bottomin' out
but i'm not about to give up, i gotta get up
thank god, i got a little girl
and i'm a responsible father
so not a lot of good, i'd be to my daughter layin' in the bottom of the mud
must be in my blood cause i don't know how i do it
all i know is i don't want to follow in the footsteps of my dad
cause i hate him so bad
the worst fear that i had was growin' up to be like his in' ass, man
if you could understand why i am the way that i am
what do i say to my fans, when i tell 'em i'm...


[verse 3]
i don't wanna quit, but , i feel like this is it
for me to have this much appeal like this is sick
this is not a game, this fame, in real life this is sick
publicity stunt my ass, conceal my in' dick
the guns, i'm done, i'll never look at gats
if i scrap, i'll scrap like i ain't never whooped some ass
i love my fans
but no one ever puts a grasp on the fact i've sacrificed everything i have
i never dreamt i'd get to the level that i'm at, this is whack
this is more than i ever could of asked
everywhere i go, a hat, a sweater hood, or mask
what about math, how come i wasn't ever good at that
it's like the boy in the bubble, who never could adapt, i'm trapped
if i could go back, i never woulda rapped
i sold my soul to the devil, i'll never get it back
i just wanna leave this game with level head intact
imagine goin' from bein' a no one to seein',
everything blow up and all you did was just grow
up emceeing
it's in' crazy
cause all i wanted was to give hailie the life i never had
but instead i forced us to live alienated, so i'm sayin'...


goodbye, goodbye hollywood, {goodbye},
please don't cry for me, when i'm gone for good, {this is not for me},
so goodbye, goodbye hollywood,
{i'm not a in' star}, please don't cry
for me, when i'm gone for good, {i'm goin' back home}...
dont in my zone

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