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Steven Adam Markowitz (born on August 19, 1988), better known by his stage name Hoodie Allen, is an American rapper from Long Island, New York. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, he began working at Google before ultimately quitting to pursue a music career full-time. In 2012, he released his first official EP titled All American which debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard 200. In October 2014, Hoodie officially released his debut studio album, People Keep Talking which was successful with first week sales of over 30,000 along with a debut position of No. 8 on the Billboard 200. Hoodie followed up on his success in January 2016 and released his second studio album, Happy Camper.
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Happy Camper 2016
1.Are U Having Any Fun?
2.Intro to Anxiety
3.Remind Me Of
4.So Close to Happiness
5.Too Invested
6.Surprise Party
7.Make You Feel
8.Champagne and Pools
9.25th Hour
10.King to Me
People Keep Talking 2014
1.Movie2.Dumb for You
Fame Is for Assholes (Single) 2013
1.Fame Is for Assholes (Single)
Crew Cuts (Mixtape) 2013
1.Cake Boy
2.Long Night
3.Two Lips
5.Heart 2 Heart
6.Wave Goodbye
7.Fame Is For Assholes
8.Let Me Be Me
10.Good Intentions
11.Where Do We Go Now
Americoustic 2013
1.Same As Before
All American 2012
1.Lucky Man
2.No Interruption
3.Eighteen Cool
4.Top of the World
5.No Faith in Brooklyn
6.Small Town
7.High Again
8.Ain't Gotta Work
Pep Rally
1.Look at What We Started
2.Swimming with Sharks
3.You Are Not a Robot
4.Party at the Beach House
5.Words of Wisdom
Leap Year
1.Song for an Actress
2.Dreams Up
4.Flipping Out
5.Sticks and Stones
6.Push You Away
7.Every Time You Go
8.Soul on Fire
9.You're Welcome
10.James Franco
11.The Chase Is On
12.Moon Bounce
1.you are not a robot (feat. marina & the diamonds)
2.Make It Home (feat. Kina Grannis)
3.Fame Is for Assholes (feat. Chiddy)
4.Swimming with Shark (feat. VV Brown)
5.Let It All Work Out
6.Nolan Ryan
7.No Interruption (Acoustic)
8.Hey Now
9.Feel the Love
10.Show Me What You're Made Of
11.Act My Age
12.Won't Mind (feat. MAX)
13.Against Me (feat. MAX)
14.Won't Mind
15.Against Me
16.Know It All
18.Ain't Ready
20.Marlie's Song (feat. Jared Evan)
21.Heart 2 Heart (feat. Jared Evan)
22.Same as Before (feat. Jared Evan)
23.Horoscope (feat. Travis Garland)
24.The Moment (feat. Travis Garland)

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