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Lykke Li【 22 albums 137 lyrics 】
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Album name Release Date  Song    
NO HOTEL 2022-03
Still Sad Still Sexy 2019-07
1.Sex Money Feelings Die REMIX
2.Two Nights Part II(Lykke LI X Skrillex X Ty Dolla $ign)
3.Baby Doves (Provided)
5.So Sad So Sexy(Alt Version) (Provided)
6.Deep End(Alt Version) (Provided)
Two Nights 2018-05
1.Two Nights
Utopia 2018-05
Hard Rain 2018-04
1.Hard Rain
Deep End 2018-04
1.Deep End
Time In A Bottle 2018-02
1.Time In A Bottle
No One Ever Loved 2014-05
1.No One Ever Loved
I Never Learn 2014-05
1.I Never Learn
2.No Rest For The Wicked
3.Just Like A Dream
4.Silver Line
6.Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone
7.Never Gonna Love Again
8.Heart Of Steel
9.Sleeping Alone
Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac 2012
1.Albatross (Provided)
3.Before The Beginning
4.Oh Well Billy
6.Think About Me
8.Silver Springs
9.Gold Dust Woman
11.Straight Back
12.Thats All For Everyone
13.Sisters Of The Moon
17.Future Games
The Twilight Saga: New Moon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2011
so sad so sexy
2.hard rain
3.deep end
4.last piece
5.jaguars in the air sad so sexy
7.better alone
8.bad woman
iTunes Session
1.Jerome (iTunes Session)
2.Love Out of Lust (iTunes Session)
3.Youth Knows No Pain (iTunes Session)
4.Silent My Song (iTunes Session)
5.I Know Places (iTunes Session)
6.Velvet (iTunes Session)
7.I Know Places
iTunes Live: London Festival '08 - EP
1.I'm Good, I'm Gone [Live]
2.Little Bit [Live]
3.Window Blues [Live]
4.Dance, Dance, Dance [Live]
5.My Love [Live]
6.I Don't Mind (Jump On It) [Live]
Youth Novels
1.Melodies & Desires
2.Dance, Dance, Dance
3.I'm Good, I'm Gone
4.Let It Fall
5.My Love
7.Little Bit
8.Hanging High
9.Complaint Department
10.This Trumpet In My Head
11.Time Flies
12.Window Blues
13.Breaking It Up
14.Everybody But Me
Wounded Rhymes
1.Youth Knows No Pain
2.I Follow Rivers
3.Love Out Of Lust
4.Unrequited Love
5.Get Some
6.Made You Move
7.Sadness Is A Blessing
8.I Know Places
10.Silent My Song
11.The Only
12.Rich Kids Blues
Wounded Rhymes (The Lost Sessions)
1.Made You Move
2.I Follow Rivers - The Lost Sessions
3.Jerome - The Lost Sessions
4.Youth Knows No Pain - The Lost Sessions
5.I Follow Rivers
Lykke Li Live at Le Baron
1.Get Some - Live At Le Baron
2.Sadness Is A Blessing - Live At Le Baron
3.Unrequited Love - Live At Le Baron
Live and In Session EP
1.I Never Learn (Live)
2.Gunshot (Live)
3.Never Gonna Love Again (Live)
Little Bit
1.Everybody But Me
2.Little Bit
3.Time Flies
Gunshot (Remixes)
1.Gunshot - Faul Remix
2.Gunshot - Paul Thomas Saunders Remix
3.Gunshot - Chords Remix
1.I Follow Rivers [Live]
2.Hanging High [Live]
3.Velvet [Live]
4.Youth Knows No Pain [Live]
5.No Rest For The Wicked - Joris Voorn Remix
6.I Follow Rivers - iTunes Session
7.No Rest For The Wicked - Robin Schulz Remix
8.No Rest For the Wicked (Robin Schulz Remix) [Live - iTunes Festival London 2014]
9.I Follow Rivers - The Magician Remix
10.I Follow Rivers - Radio Edit
11.I Follow Rivers - David Sitek Remix
12.I Follow Rivers (Tyler, the Creator remix)
13.Paris Blue
14.Hold On, We're Going Home - Live
15.No Rest For The Wicked - Robin Schulz Remix Edit
16.No Rest for the Wicked (Robin Schulz edit)
17.No Rest For The Wicked - feat. A$AP Rocky
18.Until We Bleed
19.Everybody But Me - Diskjokke Remix
20.I'm Good, I'm Gone - Black Kids Remix
21.Follow Rivers
22.Follow Rivers (The Magician remix)
23.After Laughter (Comes Tears)
24.Sandness Is a Blessing (Gold Panda remix)
25.Sadness Is a Blessing (Gold Panda Remix)
26.Rich Kid Blues
27.Come Near
28.Dance Dance Dance (Dixon edit)
29.Get Some (Primary 1 remix)
30.Gunshot (Acoustic)
31.Breaking It Up - Radio Edit
32.Unchained Melody
33.Little Bit (Loving Hand Remix)

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