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Album name Release Date  Song    
Armatopia 2019-02
Candidate 2015-06
1.Candidate2.Exit Connection (Provided)
Playland 2014
1.Back In the Box (Provided)
2.Easy Money
5.25 Hours
6.The Trap
8.Speak Out Reach Out
9.Boys Get Straight
10.This Tension
11.Little King
The Messenger 2013-02
1.The Right Thing Right
2.I Want The Heartbeat
3.European Me
6.The Messenger
7.Generate! Generate!
8.Say Demesne
9.Sun & Moon
10.The Crack Up
11.New Town Velocity
12.Word Starts Attack
Call the Comet
1.The Tracers
2.My Eternal
3.Spiral Cities
4.A Different Gun
6.Walk Into the Sea
7.Day In Day Out
8.New Dominions
9.Hey Angel
11.Actor Attractor
Adrenalin Baby
1.Playland (Live)
2.Getting Away With It (Live)
3.Candidate (Live)
4.Boys Get Straight (Live)
5.Bigmouth Strikes Again (Live)
6.Generate! Generate! (Live)
7.Back In the Box (Live)
8.The Messenger (Live)
9.The Headmaster Ritual (Live)
10.New Town Velocity (Live)
11.25 Hours (Live)
12.Easy Money (Live)
13.The Right Thing Right (Live)
14.Dynamo (Live)
1.Bangin' On
2.Something to Shout About
3.Long Gone
4.Another Day
6.You Are the Magic
7.Need It
8.Down on the Corner
9.Caught Up
10.The Last Ride
1.I feel you
2.Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
3.New Town Velocity (Single Version)
4.The It-Switch
5.Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (Live)

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