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Celtic Woman【 22 albums 325 lyrics 】
Celtic Woman is an all-female Irish musical ensemble conceived and created by David Kavanagh, Sharon Browne and David Downes, a former musical director of the Irish stage show Riverdance. In 2004, he recruited five Irish female musicians who had not previously performed together: vocalists Chloë Agnew, Órla Fallon, Lisa Kelly and Méav Ní Mhaolchatha, and fiddler Máiréad Nesbitt, and shaped them into the first lineup of the group that he named 'Celtic Woman', a specialty group. Downes chose a repertoire that ranged from traditional Celtic tunes to modern songs.

The group's line-up has changed over the years; in 2009, the group consisted of Chloë Agnew, Lynn Hilary, Lisa Kelly, Alex Sharpe and fiddler Máiréad Nesbitt; Alex Sharpe left the group in May 2010. Eleven albums have been released under the name 'Celtic Woman': Celtic Woman, Celtic Woman: A Christmas Celebration, Celtic Woman: A New Journey, Celtic Woman: The Greatest Journey, Celtic Woman: Songs from the Heart, Celtic Woman: Lullaby, Celtic Woman: Believe, Celtic Woman: Home for Christmas, Celtic Woman: Emerald - Musical Gems, Celtic Woman: Destiny, and Celtic Woman: Voices of Angels. The group has undertaken a number of world tours. Cumulatively, albums by Celtic Woman have sold over nine million records worldwide.

The foundation for Celtic music's popularity outside Ireland and Europe was built by tapping into the success of artists such as Enya, Moya Brennan and Clannad, along with stage shows Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. Celtic Woman has been described as being 'Riverdance for the voice.'

Celtic Woman has been named Billboard World Album Artist of the Year six times.

Máiréad Carlin
Susan McFadden
Éabha McMahon
Tara McNeill

Past members
Chloë Agnew
Órla Fallon
Lynn Hilary
Lisa Kelly
Lisa Lambe
Máiréad Nesbitt
Méav Ní Mhaolchatha
Deirdre Shannon
Alex Sharpe
Hayley Westenra
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Ballroom Of Romance 2019-08
1.Ballroom Of Romance
Tír Na NÓg 2016-01
1.Tír Na NÓg
Emerald:Musical Gems 2014-02
1.Mo Ghile Mear(2013 Version)
2.Dulaman(2013 Version)
3.Caledonia(2013 Version)
4.Amazing Grace(2013 Version)
5.The New Ground(2013 Version)
6.She Moved Through The Fair(2013 Version)
7.Bridge Over Troubled Water(2013 Version)
8.Nil Se'n La(2013 Version)
9.Danny Boy(2013 Version)
10.The Voice(2013 Version)
11.The Parting Glass(2013 Version)
12.You Raise Me Up(2013 Version)
Emerald: Musical Gems 2014
2.Parting Glass
3.New Ground
4.She Moved Through the Fair
5.Bridge Over Troubled Water
璀璨希望(Believe) 2012-01
4.The Foxhunter(獵狐人的坐騎) (Provided)
5.The Water Is Wide(汪洋大海)
6.Bridge Over Troubled Water(惡水大橋)
7.Black Is The Colour(戀人的黑髮)
8.Follow On(跟著我)
9.Ave Maria(聖母頌)
10.Teir Abhaile Riu(跟著妳回家)
11.You'll Never Walk Alone(你不孤單)
12.A Spaceman Came Travelling(宇宙人來旅行)
13.Songs From The Heart - Walking The Night、 The World Falls Away(深情心曲 - 午夜漫步、凋零的世界)
14.A Woman's Heart(女人心)
15.The Parting Glass(離別酒)
Songs From The Heart Plus Lullaby Special Edition (天使女伶 美麗心靈 夢境加值版) 2011-03
1.When You Wish Upon A Star(當你對著星星許願)
2.Stay Awake(保持清醒) (Provided)
3.Baby Mine(我的寶貝) (Provided)
4.Goodnight My Angel(晚安,我的天使) (Provided)
5.Over the Rainbow(彩虹彼端)
7.Walking In The Air(漫步在雲端)
8.The Blessing
9.Brahms' Lullaby(布拉姆斯搖籃曲 )
10.Hush Little Baby(噓!小寶貝) (Provided)
11.Fields Of Gold(金色田野) (Provided)
12.Amazing Grace(奇異恩典) (Provided)
13.Níl Sé'n Lá(天都還沒亮) (Provided)
14.My Lagan Love(愛情多難) (Provided)
15.When You Believe(當你相信)
16.The New Ground / Isle Of Hope, Isle Of Tears(新天地/希望與淚水之) (Provided)
17.The Coast Of Galiçia(西班牙海岸) (Provided)
18.Non C'è Più(新大陸) (Provided)
19.The Moon's A Harsh Mistress(如厲婦的月亮) (Provided)
20.You'll Be In My Heart(你永留我心) (Provided)
21.Goodnight My Angel(晚安,我的天使) (Provided)
22.Galway Bay(高威灣)
23.The Lost Rose Fantasia(失落的玫瑰) (Provided)
24.O, America!(亞美利堅) (Provided)
Celtic Woman: Believe 2011
1.You Raise Me Up
2.Danny Boy
3.Ave Maria
4.Princess Toyotomi
5.Brahms' Lullaby*
6.Over The Rainbow*
7.Beyond The Sea*
8.When You Wish Upon A Star*
9.When You Believe*
10.Goodnight My Angel*
11.The Sky And The Dawn And The Sun*
12.Walking In The Air*
14.Amazing Grace*
Songs From The Heart (美麗心靈) 2010-01
1.Fields Of Gold
2.Amazing Grace
3.Níl Sé'n Lá (Provided)
4.My Lagan Love
5.When You Believe
6.The New Ground / Isle Of Hope, Isle Of Tears
7.The Coast Of Galiçia (Provided)
8.Non C'è Più (Provided)
9.The Moon's A Harsh Mistress
10.You'll Be In My Heart
11.Goodnight My Angel
12.Galway Bay
13.The Lost Rose Fantasia (Provided)
14.O, America!
The Greatest Journey - Essential Collection(美聲之旅) 2008-10
1.The Call(天使的呼喚【2008全新新曲】)
2.Pie Jesu(慈悲的耶穌【2008全新新曲】)
3.Ave Maria(聖母頌【2008全新新曲】)
4.You Raise Me Up(真愛無敵【2008全新兒童唱詩班合音版本】)
5.Shenandoah - The Contradiction(山納杜雙人舞【CD未曾發行曲目】) (Provided)
7.Nella Fantasia(奇幻夢境)
8.Scarborough Fair(史卡博羅市集)
9.Over The Rainbow(彩虹彼端)
10.Walking in the Air(漫步在雲端)
11.Danny Boy(丹尼男孩)
12.Harry's Game(哈利的遊戲)
13.The Butterfly(蝴蝶)
14.The Voice(美麗歌聲)
15.The Isle of Inisfree(茵夢湖島)
17.Green The Whole Year Round(祝你年年長青)
18.The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun(天空、黎明和太陽)
19.Beyond The Sea(汪洋彼端)
20.Mo Ghile Mear - live from Slane Castle(漂亮心上人)
21.Spanish Lady - live from Slane Castle(西班牙女郎)
22.The Prayer(禱歌)
23.Granualie's Dance(葛蘭紐兒之舞) (Provided)
24.May it Be(但願)
25.One World(一個世界)
28.The Soft Goodbye(輕聲道別)
A New Journey (Deluxe Edition) 2007-02
1.The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun
2.The Prayer
4.Over The Rainbow
5.Granuaile's Dance (Provided)
6.The Blessing
8.Beyond The Sea
9.The Last Rose of Summer
11.Laschia Ch'io Pianga
13.Vivaldi's Rain
14.The Voice
15.Scarborough Fair
16.Mo Ghile Mear
Christmas Album 2006-10
1.O Holy Night
2.Away In A Manger
3.Ding Dong Merrily On High
4.White Christmas
5.Silent Night
6.Christmas Pipes
7.The Christmas Song
8.Carol Of The Bells
9.Have Yourself A Merry Christmas
10.Panis Angelicus
11.Don Oíche Úd I mBeithil(That Night In Bethlehem)
12.O Come All Ye Faithful
13.The Little Drummer Boy
14.The Wexford Carol
15.Let It Snow
Songs From Solo Works 2006-06
1.Skidoo (Provided)
2.Home and the Heartland
3.Celtic Prayer
5.Down by the Sally Gardens
6.Raining Up Finans Isle Suite (Provided)
7.Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring
8.The Water Is Wide
9.Now We Are Free
10.Going Home
12.There Is No Light (Provided)
13.Spanish Lady
Celtic Woman 2006-01
1.Last Rose Of Summer/Walking In The Air(夏日最後的玫瑰 / 漫步在雲端)
2.May It Be(但願)
3.Isle Of Inisfree(茵夢湖島)
4.Danny Boy(丹尼男孩)
5.One World(一個世界)
6.Ave Maria(聖母頌)
7.Send Me A Song(寄首歌給我)
8.Siulil A Run(與摯愛漫步)
9.Orinoco Flow(俄里諾柯河)
11.She Moved Thru' The Fair(穿過市集)
12.Nella Fantasia(奇幻夢境)
13.The Butterfly(蝴蝶)
14.Harry's Game(哈利的遊戲)
15.The Soft Goodbye(輕聲道別)
16.You Raise Me Up(真愛無敵)
17.The Ashoken Farewell/The Contradiction(阿修肯的告別/矛盾)
18.Si Do Mhaimeo I(家財萬貫的寡婦)
1.When You Wish Upon A Star
2.Stay Awake
3.Baby Mine
4.Goodnight My Angel*
5.Over The Rainbow
7.Walking In The Air
8.Brahms' Lullaby
9.Hush Little Baby
Homecoming – Live From Ireland
1.My Heart Will Go On (Live 2017)
2.Walk Beside Me (Live 2017)
3.Danny Boy (Live 2017)
4.Fields of Gold (Live 2017)
5.Westering Home (Live 2017)
6.You Raise Me Up (Live 2017)
7.The Parting Glass (Live 2017)
8.The Voice (Live 2017)
Home for Christmas
1.I'll Be Home for Christmas
2.Silent Night
3.Hark the Herald Angels Sing
4.Joy to the World
5.Mary's Boy Child (Provided)
6.Winter Wonderland
7.We Wish You a Merry Christmas
8.We Three Kings (Provided)
9.Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
10.What Child Is This
Decade. The Songs, The Show, The Traditions, The Classics.
1.The Sky & The Dawn & The Sun
2.You Raise Me Up
3.The Prayer
4.Galway Bay
6.The Moon's a Harsh Mistress
8.Scarborough Fair
9.Danny Boy
11.When You Believe
12.Bridge over Troubled Water (2013 Version)
13.Amazing Grace (2013 Version)
14.Téir Abhaile Riu
15.The New Ground/Isle of Hope
16.Walking the Night/The World Falls Away
17.One World
1.Songs from the Heart. (I) Walking the Night [Ii] The World Falls Away
2.Brahms Lullaby
3.Smile (live recording)
4.Songs From the Heart: Walking the Night / The World Falls Away
5.Green Grow The Rushes
6.Princess Toyotomi (Film Version)
7.When You Believe
8.Walking In the Air
9.Goodnight My Angel
10.Green Grow The Rushes - Live
11.Danny Boy
13.Amazing Grace
14.The Parting Glass
15.A Spaceman Came Traveling
16.I'm Counting on You
17.Tears in Heaven (live)
21.The Water Is Wide
22.Follow On
23.You'll Never Walk Alone
24.A Woman's Heart
25.Bridge Over Troubled Water
26.Black Is the Colour
27.Teir Abhaile Riu
28.You Raise Me Up
Beautiful Carols
1.Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
2.What Child Is This
3.The Seven Joys of Mary
4.Angels We Have Heard on High
5.Go Tell It on the Mountain
6.Away in a Manger
7.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
A Christmas Celebration
1.The Wexford Carol
2.Let It Snow
3.Silent Night
4.Christmas Pipes
5.The Christmas Song
6.Carol Of The Bells
7.Panis Angelicus
8.Don Oiche Ud I M Beithil (That Night In Bethlehem)
9.O Come, All Ye Faithful
10.The Little Drummer Boy
11.O Holy Night
12.Away In A Manger
13.Ding Dong Merrily On High
14.White Christmas
15.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
A Celtic Christmas
1.Harry's Game - Live from the Helix,Dublin, Ireland
2.O Holy Night
3.Walking in the Air
4.The Little Drummer Boy
5.White Christmas
6.Ding Dong Merrily on High
7.Hush Little Baby
8.Baby Mine
9.Stay Awake
10.There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)
11.An Angel
12.Silent Night
1.Tir Na Nog
2.The Death Of Queen Jane
3.Since You And I Were True
4.I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls
5.the wicked sister
6.Shenandoah The Contradiction (Provided)
7.The Butterfly
8.Harry's Game
9.Pie Jesu
10.The Call
11.She Moved Thru' the Fair
12.Last Rose of Summer / Walking In the Air
13.True Colours
14.Nil Se'n La
15.The New Ground - Isle Of Hope, Isle Of Tears
16.The Coast Of Galicia (Provided)
17.Non C'e Piu
18.Send Me A Song
19.Isle of Inisfree
20.The First Noel
21.May It Be
22.The Soft Goodbye
23.You Raise Me Up (2008)
25.Green The Whole Year Round
26.Orinoco Flow
27.Siuil A Run
28.Nella Fantasia
29.Sí do mhaimeo í (The Wealthy Widow)
30.Spanish Lady - Live From Slane Castle, Ireland/2006
31.Isle Of Innisfree
32.Somewhere - Live
33.Tír na nÓg - DE/CH/AT Version
34.I See Fire - DE/CH/AT Version
35.The Light of Christmas Morn
36.Scotland, Amazing Grace
37.At the Céili (Live from Slane Castle)
38.The Whole of the Moon
39.Isle Of Hope, Isle Of Tears
40.Joy to the World (2016 Version)
41.Time To Say Goodbye
42.Once in Royal David's City

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