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Daniel John Bedingfield (born 3 December 1979) is an English-New Zealand singer, songwriter and record producer. He is the brother of fellow singers Natasha Bedingfield and Nikola Rachelle. He was a judge on The X Factor New Zealand in 2013.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Giants 2018-12
1.Perfect For Me
2.Do You Wanna Get Lucky
5.Bad Day(Re - Recorded Version)
6.Free Loop(Re - Recorded Version)
7.Tell Them Who You Are(Re - Recorded Version)
8.Do You Wanna Get Lucky(Holiday Version)
Stop the Traffik - Secret Fear 2012
1.Secret Fear
2.O.V.E.R. U
3.Rocks Off (Provided)
4.It's Not Me It's You (Provided)
5.Way With Words
6.Don't Write Me Off
7.You Put Me Down
Rocks Off (Single) 2012
1.Rocks Off (Single)2.It's Not Me It's You (Single)
Disneymania 2 2004
1.A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Gotta Get Thru This 2002
1.Blown It Again
2.James Dean(I Wanna Know)
3.Gotta Get Thru This
4.Right Girl
5.If You're Not The One
6.He Don't Love You Like I Love You
7.I Can't Read You
10.Without The Girl
1.Gotta Get Thru This (Live)
2.Wrap My Words Around You (Live)
3.If You're Not the One (Live)
4.Nothing Hurts Like Love (Live)
Second First Impression
1.Growing Up2.Holiness
Never Gonna Leave Your Side
1.If You're Not the One (The Passengerz Girlfriend club mix)
2.If You're Not the One (Metro mix)
3.Right Girl (Live)
1.Sometimes You Just Know
2.Gotta Get Thru This (acoustic version)
3.James Dean
4.Honest Questions
5.Inflate My Ego
6.Never Gonna Leave Your Side
7.Nothing Hurts Like Love
8.The Way
9.All Your Attention
10.Gotta GET Through This - Acoustic Version
11.Gotta Through This (Acoustic Version)
12.If You Are Not The One
13.Gotta Get Through This
14.Gotta Get Thru This (D'n'D Radio Edit)
15.If Your Not The One
16.Daniel Bedingfield Gotta Get Thru This
17.I gotta get thru this
18.Wrap My Words Around You
19.Show Me The Real You
20.Bologna Song
21.More Than Friends
22.River Lullaby
23.The Sweetest Melody
24.The Way Dreams Are
25.I Can't Read You - Single Version
26.If You're Not The One - Acoustic Version
27.Right Girl - Live Version
28.Gotta Get Thru This - Radio Edit
29.If You're Not the One - Radio Edit
30.Wrap My Words Around You - Live from Capital Radio
31.Nothing Hurts Like Love (Piano & Vocal version)
32.14. If You're Not The One
34.Every Little Thing
35.Way With Words (Live)
36.Workout I: If You're Not the One
37.James Dean (I Wanna Know) (Acoustic Version)
38.If You're Not the One (album version)
39.Gotta Get Thru This (D & D mix)
40.The Way (Live Radio Session)
41.Never Gonna Leave Your Side (Radio 2 Session)
42.Somebody Told Me (live from Radio 1)
43.Never Gonna Leave You
44.Never Gonna Leave Your Side (Metro mix edit)
45.Friday (Radio Edit)

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