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ALABAMA( Alabama (American band) )【 42 albums 503 lyrics 】
Alabama is an American country, Southern rock band formed in Fort Payne, Alabama, in 1969. The band was founded by Randy Owen (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and his cousin Teddy Gentry (bass guitar, background vocals). They were soon joined by their other cousin, Jeff Cook (lead guitar, fiddle, and keyboards). First operating under the name Wildcountry, the group toured the Southeast bar circuit in the early 1970s, and began writing original songs. They changed their name to Alabama in 1977 and following the chart success of two singles, were approached by RCA Records for a record deal.

Alabama's biggest success came in the 1980s, where the band had over 27 number one hits, seven multi-platinum albums and received numerous awards. Alabama's first single on RCA Records, 'Tennessee River', began a streak of 21 number one singles, including 'Love in the First Degree' (1981), 'Mountain Music' (1982), 'Dixieland Delight' (1983), 'If You're Gonna Play in Texas (You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band)' (1984) and 'Song of the South' (1988). The band's popularity waned slightly in the 1990s although they continued to produce hit singles and multi-platinum album sales. Alabama disbanded in 2003 following a farewell tour and two albums of inspirational music but reunited in 2010 and have continued to record and tour worldwide.

The band's blend of traditional country music and Southern rock combined with elements of gospel, and pop music gave it a crossover appeal that helped lead to their success. They also toured extensively and incorporated production elements such as lighting and 'sets' inspired by rock concerts into their shows. The band has over 30 number one country records on the Billboard charts to their credit and have sold over 75 million records, making them one of the world's best-selling bands of all time. AllMusic credited the band with popularizing the idea of a country band and wrote that 'It's unlikely that any other country group will be able to surpass the success of Alabama.'

Band members

Current members

Randy Owen – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1969–2004, 2006–07, 2010–present)
Teddy Gentry – bass guitar, background vocals (1969–2004, 2006–07, 2010–present)
Jeff Cook – lead guitar, background vocals, fiddle, keyboards (1969–2004, 2006–07, 2010–present)

Former members

Mark Herndon – drums, percussion (1979–2004)
Rick Scott – drums, percussion (1974–79)
Bennett Vartanian – drums, percussion (1972–74)
Don Perkey - drums, percussion (1975–78)
Jackie Owen – drums, percussion (1969–72)
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Southern Drawl 2015
1.Southern Drawl
2.Wasn't Through Lovin' You Yet
3.This Ain't Just a Song
4.As Long as There's Love
5.Back to the Country
6.Hillbilly Wins the Lotto Money
7.Come Find Me
8.No Bad Days
9.One on One
10.American Farmer
11.It's About Time
12.Footstompin' Music
13.I Wanna Be There
14.I Got Some Lovin' (Provided)
15.Backwoods Boogie (Provided)
Angels Among Us: Hymns & Gospel Favorites 2014
1.I Saw The Light
2.Because He Lives
3.Just A Closer Walk With Thee
4.I'll Fly Away (Provided)
5.What A Friend We Have In Jesus
6.Raising Alabama (Provided)
7.On Jordan's Banks (Provided)
8.Let's All Go Down To The River
9.Lift Me Up
The Classic Christmas Album 2013-09
1.Christmas In Dixie
2.A Candle In The Window
3.Christmas In Your Arms
4.Tennessee Christmas
5.When It Comes To Christmas
6.The Night Before Christmas
7.Hangin' 'Round The Mistletoe
8.New Year's Eve 1999
9.The Blessings
10.Angels Among Us
11.I Was Young Once Too
12.Tonight Is Christmas
13.Joseph And Mary's Boy
14.O Little Town Of Bethlehem
15.Little Drummer Boy
16.Silent Night
Super Hits 2001-07
1.My Home's In Alabama
2.Feel So Right (Provided)
3.Love In The First Degree
4.Dixieland Delight
5.Rool On Eighteen Wheeler (Provided)
6.There's No Way
7.The Closer You Get
8.Forever's As Far As I'll Go
9.Give Me One More Shot
10.In Pictures
When It All Goes South 2000
1.Clear Across America Tonight
2.Down This Road
3.I Can't Hide My Heart
4.I Can't Love You Any Less
5.I Write A Little
6.Love Remains (w/ Christopher Cross)
7.Reinvent The Wheel
8.Right Where I Am
9.Simple As That
10.Start Living
11.The Woman He Loves
12.When It All Goes South
13.Will You Marry Me (Alabama With Jann Arden)
14.Wonderful Waste of Time
15.You Only Paint the Picture Once
Twentieth Century 1999-06
1.20Th Century (Provided)
2.God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You
3.That Kind Of Mood (Provided)
4.We Made Love
5.Life's Too Short (Provided)
6.The We Remember (Provided)
7.Little Things
8.Mist Of Desire
9.Small Stuff
10.Too Much Love
11.Write It Down In Blue
12.I Love You Enough To Let You Go
For The Record 1998-08
1.Keepin' Up
2.Five O' Clock 500
3.How Do You Fall In Love
4.Tennessee River
5.Why Lady Why
6.Old Flame
7.Feels So Right
8.Love In The First Degree
9.Mountain Music
10.Take Me Down
11.Close Enough To Perfect
12.Dixieland Delight
13.The Closer You Get
14.Lady Down On Love
15.Roll On(Eighteen Wheeler)
16.When We Make Love
17.If You're Gonna Play In Texas
18.There's A Fire In The Night
19.There's No Way
20.Forty Hour Week
21.Can't Keep A Good Man Down
22.She And I
23.Touch Me When We're Dancing
24.Face To Face
25.Fallin' Again
26.Song Of The South
27.If I Had You
28.High Cotton
29.Southern Star
30.Jukebox In My Mind
31.Forever's As Far As I'll Go
32.Down Home
33.Here We Are
34.Then Again
35.Born Country
36.I'm In A Hurry(And I Don't Know Why)
37.Once Upon A Lifetime
38.Hometown Honeymoon
40.Give Me One More Shot
41.She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl
42.In Pictures
43.Sad Lookin' Moon
44.You've Got The Touch
Dancin' On The Boulevard 1997-04
1.Dancin', Shaggin' on the Boulevard
2.Sad Lookin' Moon
3.Anytime(I'm Your Man)
4.She's Got That Look In Her Eyes
5.My Girl
6.Of Course I'm Alright
7.I Just Couldn't Say No
8.Is The Magic Still There
9.Calling All Angels
10.Hey Baby
11.One More Time Around
Born Country 1997
1.Born Country
Alabama Christmas Vol Ii 1996-09
1.The Blessings
2.Christmas In Your Arms
3.Christmas Is Love
4.When It Comes To Christmas
5.I Was Young Once Too
6.The Night Before Christmas
7.O Little Town Of Bethlehem
8.Happy Birthday Jesus
9.The Christmas Spirit
10.Hangin' 'Round the Mistletow
11.Little Drummer Boy
12.Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
13.New Year's Eve 1999
Christmas Vol. II 1996
1.Christmas In Your Arms
2.Christmas Is Love
3.Hanging Up My Travelin' Shoes
4.Happy Birthday Jesus
5.I Was Young Once Too
6.Little Drummer Boy
7.New Year's Eve 1999
8.O Little Town Of Bethlehem
9.Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
10.The Blessings
11.The Christmas Spirit
12.The Night Before Christmas
13.When It Comes To Christmas
In Pictures 1995-08
1.Sunday Drive
2.She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl
3.My Love Belongs To You
4.I've Loved A Lot More Than I've Hurt
5.Spin The Wheel
6.Nothing Comes Close
7.Say I
8.It Works
9.The Maker Said Take Her
10.In Pictures
11.Heartbreak Express
Greatest Hits Vol 3 1994-09
1.Give Me One More Shot
2.We Can't Love Like This Anymore
3.Tennessee River
4.When We Make Love
5.If You're Gonna Play In Texas
6.There's No Way
7.Face To Face
8.Jukebox In My Mind
9.Forever's As Far As I'll Go
10.I'm In A Hurry(And I Don't Know Why)
11.Angels Among Us(Vocal Remix Version)
Cheap Seats 1993-10
1.Still Goin' Strong
3.Katy Brought My Guitar Back Today
4.On This Side Of The Moon
5.The Cheap Seats
7.That Feeling
8.This Love's On Me
9.Clear Water Blues
10.A Better Word For Love
11.Angels Among Us
Reckless 1993-08
Gonna Have A Party ... Live 1993
1.Takin' Care Of Business
American Pride 1992-08
1.Take A Little Trip
2.Hometown Honeymoon
3.Once Upon A Lifetime
4.You Can't Take The Country Out Of Me
5.I'm In A Hurry(And I Don't Know Why)
6.Richard Petty Fans
7.Homesick Fever
8.Between The Two Of Them
9.American Pride
10.Sometimes Out Of Touch
11.Pictures And Memories
Deep River Woman 1992
1.Deep Reiver Woman
Greatest Hits Vol 2 1991-10
1.Born Country
2.Then Again
3.Dixieland Delight
4.Lady Down On Love
5.The Closer You Get
6.Roll On(Eighteen Wheeler)
7.Fallin' Again
8.Song Of The South
9.High Cotton
10.Take Me Down
11.Hats Off
Pass It On Down 1990-05
1.Pass It On Down
2.Here We Are
3.Down Home
4.Fire On Fire
5.Forever's As Far As I'll Go
6.Goodbye(Kelly's Song)
7.Gulf Of Mexico
8.Jukebox In My Mind
9.Moonlight Lounge
10.Starting Tonight
11.Until It Happens To You
12.I Ain't Got No Business Doin' Business Today
Southern Star 1989-01
1.Song Of The South
2.Down On The River
3.High Cotton
4.Ole Baugh Road
5.The Borderline
6.I'm Still Dreamin'
7.Pete's Music City
8.Southern Star
9.If I Had You
10.She Can
11.I Showed Her
13.Dixie Fire
Alabama Live 1988-05
1.Can't Keep A Good Man Down
2.Tennessee River
3.Take Me Down
4.Love in the First Degree
5.Red River
6.Dixieland Delight
7.Lady Down on Love
8.If You're Gonna Play In Texas(You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band)
10.There's No Way
11.When We Make Love
12.Gonna Have a Party
13.Can't You See (Provided)
14.My Home's In Alabama
Just Us 1987-09
1.Tar Top
2.I Can't Stop
3.I Saw The Time
4.You're My Explanation For Living
5.Face to Face
6.I Wish It Could Always Be Fifty-Five (Provided)
7.Old Man
8.If I Could Just See You Now
9.Fallin' Again
Greatest Hits 1986-01
1.She And I
2.Mountain Music
3.Feels So Right
4.Old Flame
5.Tennessee River
6.Love In The First Degree
7.40 Hour Week(For A Livin')
8.Why Lady Why
9.The Fans
10.My Home's In Alabama
The Touch 1986
1.Touch Me When We're Dancin
2.You've Got the Touch
3.Pony Express
4.Let's Hear It For The Girl
Alabama Christmas 1985-09
1.Santa Claus(I Still Believe In You)
2.Joesph And Mary's Boy
3.Happy Holidays
4.Christmas Memories
5.Tonight Is Christmas
6.Thistlehair The Christmas Bear
7.Tennessee Christmas
8.A Candle In The Window
9.Homecoming Christmas
10.Christmas In Dixie
40 Hour Week 1985-01
1.Forty Hour Week
2.Can't Keep A Good Man Down
3.There's No Way
4.Down On Longboat Key
5.Louisianna Moon (Provided)
6.I Want To Know You Before We Make Love
7.Fireworks (Provided)
8.Nobody But Me (Provided)
9.As Right Now
10.If It Ain't Dixie (Provided)
Forty Hour Week 1985
1.As Right Now
2.Can't Keep A Good Man Down
3.Down On Longboat Key
5.Forty Hour Week (For a Livin')
6.If It Ain't Dixie (It Won't Do)
7.I Want To Know You Before We Make Love
8.Louisiana Moon
9.she Won't Have A Thing To Do With Nobody But Me
10.There's No Way
11.40 Hour Week
Christmas 1985
1.A Candle In The Window
2.Christmas in Dixie
3.Christmas Memories
4.Happy Holidays
5.Homecoming Christmas
6.Joesph And Mary's Boy
7.Santa Claus (I Still Believe In You)
8.Tennessee Christmas
9.Tonight Is Christmas
Roll On 1984-01
1.Roll On(Eighteen Wheeler)
2.Carolina Mountain Dewe
3.The End Of The Lyin'
4.I'm Not That Way Anymore
5.If You're Gonna Play In Texas(You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band)
6.Fire In The Night
7.When We Make Love
8.Country Side Of Life
9.The Boy
10.Food On The Table
The Closer You Get 1983-03
1.The Closer You Get
2.Lady Down On Love
3.Red River
4.What In The Name Of Love
5.She Put The Sad In All His Songs
6.Very Special Love
7.Alabama Sky
8.Lovin' Man
9.Dixieland Delight
10.Dixie Boy
Mountain Music 1982-02
1.Mountain Music
2.Close Enough To Perfect
3.Words At Twenty Paces
4.Changes Comin' On
5.Green River
6.Take Me Down
7.You Turn Me On
8.Never Be One
9.Lovin' You Is Killin' Me
10.Gonna Have A Party
Feels So Right 1981-02
1.Feels So Right
2.Love In The First Degree
3.Burn, Georgia, Burn
4.Woman Back Home
7.I'm Stoned
8.Old Flame
9.See the Embers, Feel the Flame
10.Ride The Train
My Home's In Alabama 1980-05
1.My Home's In Alabama
2.Hanging Up My Travelin' Shoes
3.Why Lady Why
4.Some Other Place, Some Other Time
5.Can't Froget About You
6.Get It While It's Hot
7.Keep On Dreamin'
8.Getting Over You
9.Tennessee River
10.Is That What Time It Is
Songs Of Inspiration
1.Old Shep
2.Rock Of Ages
3.What Will I Leave Behind
Songs Of Inspiration II
1.Love Lifted Me
2.One Life
4.Will The Circle Be Unbroken
5.The Star Spangled Banner
Setlist: The Very Best of Alabama (Live)
1.Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) (Recorded Live)
2.Lady Down On Love (Live)
3.My Home's In Alabama (Live February 5, 1982 - Florence, AL)
4.Feels So Right (Live February 5, 1982 - Florence, AL)
5.Take Me Down (Live February 5, 1982 - Florence, AL)
6.Close Enough To Perfect (Live February 5, 1982 - Florence, AL)
7.Mountain Music (Live February 5, 1982 - Florence, AL)
8.Why Lady Why (Live February 5, 1982 - Florence, AL)
9.Tennessee River (Live March 20, 1981 - Salt Lake City, UT)
10.She and I
Alabama and Friends Live At the Ryman
1.Song of the South (Live)
2.Born Country (Live)
3.All American (Live)
4.High Cotton (Live)
5.Take Me Down (Live)
6.Mountain Music (Live)
Alabama & Friends At The Ryman
1.All American (Live) - Live
2.Forever's As Far As I'll Go - Live
3.Song of the South - Live
4.High Cotton - Live
5.Take Me Down - Live
18 Great Songs
& Friends: At the Ryman (Live)
1.If You're Gonna Play In Texas (You Gotta Have a Fiddle In the Band) [Live]
2.Love In the First Degree (Live)
3.Forever's As Far As I'll Go (Live)
4.Closer You Get (Live)
5.I'm In a Hurry (And Don't Know Why) [Live]
6.Song of the South (Live)
7.High Cotton (Live)
8.Take Me Down (Live)
1.The Little Drummer Boy
2.The Blessing
3.I'm in That Kind of Mood
4.Life's Too Short To Love This Fast
5.Then We Remember
6.Twentieth Century
7.Nothing Comes Closer
8.Cheap Seats
9.I Believe There Are Angels Among Us
10.I'm In a Hurry (And Don't Know Why)
11.Once Upon A Lifetime (1993)
13.I Wish It Could Always Be '55 (Provided)
14.Roll On
15.Deep River Woman
16.God Must Have Spent a Little More Time On You
17.Food On The Table (And Shoes On My Feet)
18.I'm In A Hurry
19.Shaggin' On The Boulevard
20.I Wanna Come Over
21.Christmas Shoes
22.Closer You Get
23.I'm In The Mood
24.Louisiana Saturday Night
25.Tribute To Richard Petty
26.Will You Marry Me
27.Can't Forget About You
28.Dancing Shagging On The Boulevard
29.Sad looking Moon
30.Love Remains
31.Southern Star (1990)
32.Hometown Honeymoon (1993)
33.T.L.C A.S.A.P. (1994)
34.His Eye Is On The Sparrow
35.Old (Baugh) Road
37.Life's Too Short Love This Fast
38.She's A Lady Down On Love
40.She And I 1986
41.Will You Marry Me - Alabama/Jann Arden
42.Love Remains (Mit Christopher Cross)
43.If Your Gonna Play In Texas
44.You've Got The Touch 1986
45.Jesus Loves Me
46.Burn Georgia Down
47.Santa Claus (I Still Believe In You) - Alabama
48.Church In The Wildwood
49.Forever As Far As I'll Go
50.Christams In Dixie
51.I Ain't Got No Business Doin'
52.The Old Rugged Cross
53.Angles Among Us
55.In The Garden
56.My Home's In Alabama - Single Edit
57.True, True Housewife
58.If I Had You 1989
59.Can't Keep A Good Man Down 1985
60.Lady Down On Love 1983
61.I Want To Be With You Tonight
62.I'm In A Hurry And Don't Know
63.I Taught Her Everything She Knows
64.It's All Comin' Back To Me Now
65.Is This How Love Begins
66.She Won't Have A Thing To Do With Nobody Like Me
67.Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way
68.I Am The Man Thomas
69.If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again
70.Loving You Is Killing Me
71.Amazing Grace
72.Mountain Music 1982
73.Angels Among Us (Vocal Remix)
75.How Great Thou Art
76.One Big Heaven
77.Lonesome Valley
78.I Need Thee
79.In The Sweet By And By
80.I'f You're Gonna Play In Texas (you Gotta Have A Fiddle In The B And)
81.Second Chances ?
82.Gonna Have a Party
83.Amazing Grace (Live)
84.Touch Me When We're Dancing
85.Dixie Land Delight
86.If You're Gonna Play in Texas (You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band)
87.There's A Fire in the Night
88.Red River
89.Red River - Live Version
90.Gonna Have A Party - Live Version
91.God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You (feat. NSync)
92.She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl (Live)
93.Angels Among Us (Live)
94.Christmas In Dixie (Unplugged)
95.Santa Claus
96.Tennessee River (Live)

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