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Little Richard( Richard Wayne Penniman )

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【 King Of Rock & Roll:The Complete Reprise Recordings 】【 2017-07-22 】

Album songs:
1.Freedom Blues

2.Greenwood, Mississippi (Provided)

3.Two - Time Loser (Provided)

4.Dew Drop In (Provided)

5.Somebody Saw You (Provided)

6.Spreadin' Natta What's The Matter

7.The 'Rill' Thing (Provided)

8.Lovesick Blues (Provided)

9.I Saw Her Standing There

10.Shake A Hand(If You Can) (Provided)

11.Money Is (Provided)

12.Do It - To It (Provided)

13.King Of Rock And Roll (Provided)

14.Joy To The World (Provided)

15.Brown Sugar (Provided)

16.In The Name (Provided)

17.Dancing In The Street

18.Midnight Special (Provided)

19.The Way You Do the Things You Do

20.Green Power (Provided)

21.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

22.Settin' The Woods On Fire (Provided)

23.Born On The Bayou

24.Mockingbird Sally (Provided)

25.Second Line (Provided)

26.It Ain't What You Do, It's The Way How You Do It (Provided)

27.The Saints

28.Nuki Suki (Provided)

29.Rockin' Rockin' Boogie (Provided)

30.Prophet Of Peace (Provided)

31.Thomasine (Provided)

32.Sanctified, Satisfied Toe - Tapper (Provided)

33.In The Name(Version 2) (Provided)

34.Why Don't You Love Me

35.Settin' The Woods On Fire(Instrumental)

36.Greenwood, Mississippi(Instrumental) (Provided)

37.Still Miss Liza Jene(Steal Miss Lisa Steal Lisa Jane) (Provided)

38.Open Up The Red Sea (Provided)

39.California(I'm Comin') (Provided)

40.If I Pick Her Too Hard(She Comes Out Of Tune) (Provided)

41.Burning Up With Love

42.Ain't No Tellin' (Provided)

43.Last Year's Race Horse(Can't Run This Year's Race) (Provided)

44.Southern Child (Provided)

45.In The Name(Version 3) (Provided)

46.Over Yonder (Provided)

47.I Git A Little Lonely (Provided)

48.Puppy Dogs (Provided)

49.In The Name(Version 4)(Take 1)(False Start) (Provided)

50.In The Name(Version 4)(Take 2) (Provided)

51.In The Name(Version 4)(Take 3) (Provided)

52.Sneak The Freak(Outtake) (Provided)

53.Radio Spot A(Promo) (Provided)

54.Radio Spot B(Promo) (Provided)