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Talib Kweli( Talib Kweli Greene )

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【 暫存 】

Album songs:


3.Africa Dream


5.Shock Body

6.Gun Music


8.Talk to You (Lil' Darlin')

9.Get By (Remix)

10.Space Fruit

11.Perfect Beat

12.Wack Niggas

13.On Mission


15.Keynote Speaker

16.The Proud

17.Where Do We Go

18.Put It In The Air

19.Move Somethin'

20.Some Kind Of Wonderful

21.This Means You

22.Down For The Count

23.Ghetto Afterlife

24.Soul Rebels


26.Good Mourning

27.Good To You

28.I Try (Featuring Mary J Blige)

29.Guerrilla Monsoon Rap - Featuring Black Thought & Pharoahe Monch

30.The Manifesto

31.Stand to the Side

32.We Got The Beat (Planet Rock)

33.We Know (Featuring Faith Evans)

34.We Got The Beat (Featuring Res)

35.Won't You Stay

36.Touch You


38.On My Way

39.Name Of The Game

40.Guerrilla Monsoon Rap

41.Get By

42.I Tried (Ft. Mary J Blige)

43.Big Del From The Natti

44.Waitin' For The DJ (Clean, Radio Edit)

45.Over The Counter

46.Funny Money

47.The Function

48.Soul Music

49.What Can I Do

50.Engine Running

51.The Blast

52.Raise The Bar

53.Around My Way (Featuring John Legend)

54.The Show

55.Let Me See (Remix)

56.Get By - Talib Kweli


58.Cold Rain (Single)

59.Twice Inna Lifetime

60.Sharp Shooters

61.For Women

62.Memories Live

63.Move Something


65.K.O.S. (Determination)

66.Love Language

67.B Boys Will B Boys

68.Big Nel from Da Natti

69.Astronomy (8th Light)


71.Children's Story

72.Brown Skin Lady

73.Hater Players

74.Theives In The Night

75.Lord of the Light

76.Get By (Explicit)

77.Push Thru (Instrumental)

78.Here We Go (original)

79.Here We Go

80.What's Real (feat. Res)

81.Where Do We Go (dedicated to Weldon Irvine)

82.We Got the Beat (feat. Res)

83.What's Real - Live

84.Hot Thing (radio edit)

85.Get By (Live at the Apollo)

86.Broken Glass (live)

87.Experience Dedication

88.Expansion Outro