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【 Selfish Machines 】【 2010-06-21 】

Album songs:

2.Southern Constellations

3.The Boy Who Could Fly


5.Fast Times At Clairemont High

6.The New National Anthem

7.Bulletproof Love

8.Stay Away From My Friends

9.I Don't Care If You're Contagious


11.Million Dollar Houses (The Painter)

12.The Sky Under The Sea

Album Intro:

The heart of San Diego emo-inflected post-hardcore outfit Pierce the Veil lies in two brothers, vocalist/guitarist Victor Fuentes and drummer Mike Fuentes, who first started playing together while students in high school. Selfish Machines is the band's sophomore offering and is filled with complex instrumentation and melodies. The band will be on Warped Tour during the summer of 2010 showcasing their newest masterpiece to their cult-like fanbase.