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【 Summer Love Songs 】【 2009-05-15 】

Album songs:
1.Don't Worry Baby

2.Why Do Fools Fall in Love

3.Wouldn't it Be Nice

4.God Only Knows

5.Surfer Girl

6.California Girls

7.Please Let Me Wonder

8.In the Parkin' Lot

9.Your Summer Dream

10.Kiss Me Baby


12.I'm So Young

13.Good to My Baby

14.Fallin' in Love (Provided)

15.Time to Get Alone

16.Our Sweet Love

17.Help Me Rhonda

18.Keep an Eye on Summer

19.Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)

20.Girls on the Beach

Album Intro:

The Beach Boys have long been the world's leading, harmonious voice of summer fun, with an ocean's swell of universally-loved songs about the beach, surfing, hot rods, and in no small measure, girls and sun-kissed romance. 20 of The Beach Boys' best love songs, from tender ballads to boisterous romps, have been gathered for Summer Love Songs, a new 20-track CD and digital collection. Three classic tracks have been mixed in stereo for the first time, exclusively for this release, and three others have received new stereo mixes. Two of the new stereo mixes have been created from long lost, newly-recovered analog multi-track masters. A rare track, previously unreleased in the U.S. and long out-of-print in the U.K., is also included.

Album list
> Play My Music

> Fresh As Dew

> Absolute Collection

> All the Great Masterpieces

> Auto Show

> At High Altitude

> As Light As Straw

> All Too Delicate

> Build Bridges

> A Music Between Me and You

> Amazing Top Hits

> More Hits Than Ever

> At the Last Masters

> A Bouquet Of Hits

> Setting Of The Sun

> Lead The Dance

> I've Got A Lucky Star

> Hits over Hits

> Search For Santa

> Santas Reindeer

> Merry Christmas

> Like Christmas Angels

> Golden Moments

> Decorated for Christmas

> Believe In Santa

> Live - The 50th Anniversary Tour

> That's Why God Made The Radio

> The Smile Sessions

> Summer Love Songs

> Sounds Of Summer The Best Of The Beach Boys

> Party / Stack-O-Tracks

> Concert (1964)/Live in London

> Stars And Stripes Vol. 1

> Summer In Paradise (UK)

> Summer In Paradise

> Summer In Paradise (US)

> Still Cruisin'

> The Beach Boys 2

> Keepin' The Summer Alive

> L A[Light Album]

> M I U Album

> Love You

> 15 Big Ones

> Spirit Of America

> The Beach Boys

> The Beach Boys in Concert

> Mount Vernon And Fairway

> Holland

> So Tough[Carl And The Passions]

> Carl And The Passions: So Tough

> Carl And The Passions – 'So Tough'

> Surf's Up

> Sunflower

> 20 20

> Friends

> Wild Honey

> Smiley Smile

> Pet Sounds

> Summer Days[And Summer Nights]

> Today

> The Beach Boys Today

> Christmas Album

> All Summer Long

> Shut Down Volume 2

> Little Deuce Coupe

> Surfer Girl

> Surfin' U S A

> Surfin' Safari

> The Beach Boys' Christmas Album

> Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)

> Stack-O-Tracks

> Best Of The Beach Boys Vol. 3

> Best Of The Beach Boys Vol. 2

> Beach Boys' Party!

> 20首金曲選

> 暫存1

> 暫存

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