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Shakira( Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll )

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【 暫存 】

Album songs:
1.Que Me Maten


3.Hips Don't Lie/Bamboo (2006 FIFA World Cup Mix)

4.Wherever Whenever (English Ver

5.Chantaje (feat. Maluma)

6.About Cut Me Deep - Commentary

7.About Can't Remember to Forget You - Commentary

8.Loca (Featuring Dizzee Rascal) - Static Revenger Mix Radio Edit

9.Try Everything - From 'Zootopia' Soundtrack

10.Try Everything - aus 'Zoomania'

11.Underneath Your Clothes - Live from VH1 Divas

12.No Joke

13.She Wolf (Tim Anderson Days Of Heaven Remix)

14.Don't Brother


16.Hips Don't Lie (Manboo)

17.Know on My Door

18.Objection (Tango) (Live From MTV's 2002 video Music Awards)

19.Whenever, Wherever (Sahara mix)

20.Gypsy (Album Version)

21.Underneath Your Clothes (acoustic live Vox)

22.Gypsy (Freemasons Remix)

23.Objection (Tango) - Live

24.Ánimal City

25.Hey You (Live Video from MTV 5 Star)

26.Illegal (MTV 5 Star Live Performance)

27.Hips Don't Lie (Bamboo Remix)

28.The One (album version)

29.Hips Don't Lie (2006 FIFA World Cup mix)

30.Good Stuff (main version)

31.Loca (feat. Dizee Rascal) (Freemasons Mixshow extended edit)

32.Objection (Tango) (album version)

33.The One (Live)

34.Poem to a Horse (Live)

35.Don't Bother (Live Version)

36.4. Hips Don't Lie

37.Dare (La La La) (Chuckie Remix)

38.Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (feat. Freshlyground)

39.The One (Glen's Mix)

40.Whenever, Wherever (Hammad Belly Dance Mix)

41.Did It Again (Benassi Remix)

42.She Wolf (Said Mrad Remix) (Radio Edit)

43.Un Poco De Amor [Album Version]

44.Hips Don't Lie (featuring Wyclef Jean)

45.Objection (Tango) (Xupper's Deep Future remix)

46.Loca (Freemasons Radio Edit)

47.Loca (Sticky Drums Remix By Gucci Vump Aka Brodinski and the Shoes)

48.Loca (clean version)

49.Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) [feat. Freshlyground][The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup (TM) Song]

50.Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (Official 2010 FIFA Song)

51.Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) [The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Song]{K Mix}

52.Rabiosa (7th Heaven radio edit)

53.Rabiosa - Club Junkies Radio Remix

54.Hips Don't Lie - Bamboo (featuring Wyclef Jean) - 2006 FIFA World Cup Mix

55.Hips Don't Lie (Bamboo) [2006 FIFA World Cup Mix]feat. Wyclef Jean}

56.King & Queen

57.The Border

58.Hips Don't Lie (Live Version)

59.Loca - feat. Dizzee Rascal

60.Whenever, Wherever (TV edit)

61.Fool (live in Rotterdam)

62.Pure Intuitition

63.Rabiosa (feat.. Pitbull)

64.Hips Don't Lie (featuring Wyclef Jean) - En Español

65.Get It Started