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【 Midnite Lover 】【 2011-12-30 】

Album songs:
1.My Dream

2.Perfect Song

3.Tender Love


5.Sexy Body Girls

6.Piece Of My Heart

7.Think Ah So It Go

8.Midnite Lover


10.Way Back Home

11.John Doe

12.Thank You Lord

13.Piece Of My Heart(Urban Mix)

Album Intro:

Shaggy's final album for Virgin Records failed to yield a huge hit single on the order of huge crossover successes 'Oh Carolina' and 'Boombastic,' from his two previous sets. It's a respectful effort, nonetheless, with the DJ's 'Mr. Lovah-Lovah' persona working overtime on originals--alone and with Maxi Priest, Brian & Tony Gold, and Ky-Mani Marley, the latest 'son of' to take up a mic career. Shaggy's many fans get the great R&B-flavored tracks they've come to expect, as well as some shocking cover choices--'Piece of My Heart'!--no one anticipated. --Elena Oumano