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Red Hot Chili Peppers( RHCP )

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【 暫存 】

Album songs:

2.Baby Appeal - 2002 Digital Remastser;

3.Get Up and Jump (Demo Version)

4.Out In L.A. (Demo Version)

5.What It Is (AKA Nina's Song) [Demo]

6.Buckle Down - 2002 Digital Remaster

7.Get Up And Jump - 2002 Digital Remastser;

8.Mommy Where's Daddy - 2002 Digital Remaster

9.Out In L.A. - 2002 Digital Remastser;

10.Police Helicopter - 2002 Digital Remaster

11.You Always Sing The Same - 2002 Digital Remaster

12.Out In L.A. - 2003 Digital Remaster

13.Mercy Mercy - Non-Album Track

14.A Certain Someone - Non-Album Track

15.Suck My Kiss - Amended

16.If You Have to Ask (radio edit)

17.Organic Anti-Beatbox Band - Live

18.Walkabout (Live)

19.Power of Equality (Live)

20.Castles Made of Sand (Bonus Track)

21.Little Miss Lover (Bonus Track)


23.Around the World / Maybe

24.Closing Credits

25.Right on Time (alternate)

26.Parallel Universe (alternate)

27.For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her

28.Your Pussy's Glued to a Building on Fire

29.Fat Dance (Bonus Track)

30.Over Funk (Bonus Track)

31.Californication (live)

32.Knock Me Down (original long version)

33.I'll Be Your Domino

34.Can't Stop (new mix)


36.Behind the Sun Tease

37.My Lovely Man Tease

38.Bicycle Song (Bonus Track)

39.Under the Bridge (iTunes Originals Version)

40.Dani California (iTunes Originals Version)

41.Funny Face - Non-Album Track

42.Magpies On Fire

43.Victorian Machinery

44.Yertle The Turtle/Freaky Styley Medley/Cosmic Slop/Atomic Dog Jam

45.Blitzkrieg Bop

46.The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie (album version)

47.Otherside (Third Party remix)

48.Around the World (clean version)

49.I Could Have Lied (live)


51.By the Way (RenéAmesz & Peter Gelderblom remix)

52.Bunker Hill


54.Catholic School Girls Rule (Remastered)

55.Bob (Bonus Track)

56.Police Helicopter (demo)

57.Stranded (Demo)

58.Deck the Halls

59.Walkabout (Kalya Scintilla remix)

60.Foxy Lady

61.Dosed (Edit)

62.Aeroplane (clean edit)

63.Californication (remixed by Ekkehard Ehelers)

64.By the Way (live acoustic)

65.Don't Forget Me (live)

66.Snow ((Hey Oh)) (edit)

67.Give It Away (single mix)

68.Road Trippin' (Live)

69.Goodbye Angels - Video Version

70.Can't Stop / Dani California / So Much I / By the Way