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【 Straight From The Lab 】【 2003-12-03 】

Album songs:
1.Doe Rae Me(Uncut)

2.Come On In


4.Can I Bitch

5.Love You More

6.We As Americans

7.Monkey See Monkey Do

Album Intro:

It seems the more one trolls the Web, the more Eminem songs one is bound to find.

Just over a week after one of Slim Shady's songs leaked online, even more unreleased tracks have found their way into cyberspace.

This time, seven songs, ostensibly part of an EP called Straight From The Lab, are making the rounds online: 'Bully,' 'Do Rae Me,' 'Monkey See, Monkey Do,' 'Come on In,' 'Can-I-Bitch,' 'We as Americans' and 'I Love You More.'

The EP is a bootleg release and not an official Eminem or Interscope product. Eminem's spokesperson was unavailable for comment, and there is no indication that the rapper was complicit in its release. The music has been circulating on fan sites, peer-to-peer networks and in hip-hop chat rooms.

'Bully' is the song that leaked last week, an apparent rebuke of The Source magazine's Benzino that some speculated was retaliation for Benzino's recent unveiling of a 15-year-old tape of Eminem admonishing black women with offensive language. Em's spokespeople said 'Bully' was at least 6 months old, though, which would place it at the peak of the Eminem vs. Benzino mixtape battle earlier in the year.

Like that song, most, if not all, of the tracks on Straight From the Lab appear to be old. 'Can-I-Bitch' is a battle-rap track against Canibus, which dates itself with the subject matter alone. Against the quirky, cartoonish backdrop of a beat that would later form Eminem's hit 'Without Me,' Eminem plays the role of Slick Rick on the classic song 'Children's Story,' telling a fireplace tale about Canibus stalking Eminem.

'Do Rae Me' and 'Come On In' feature Em's D12 crew taking it to Ja Rule and Murder Inc. At the end of 'Do Rae Me,' which was circulated on mixtapes earlier in the year, a little girl asks Em, 'Daddy, is Ja Rule taller than me?' Em answers back, 'No, honey, you guys are the same size.'

On 'Monkey See, Monkey Do,' over a warbling bass line Eminem sings a chorus that partly says, 'We just set them up/ Checkmate mother----er / Game's over, we won/ Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum.' He raps, too: 'You pu----s think I went soft since '8 Mile'/ When I come back I'll be shooting more than just paintballs/ Trust me.' The song closes with Em warning, 'We ain't just talking to one person, we're talking to every-mother----in'-body who brings it,' adding with an exaggerated roar, 'Don't pick up the ball if you don't want to play, man!'