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【 暫存1 】

Album songs:
1.I don't want to live without your love

2.It Better End Soon - 4th (parts I-iv)

3.Color My World

4.Dialogue Part Two

5.Feelin' Stronger Everday

6.I've Been Searching (so Long)

7.Broadway Baby

8.After All That We've Been Through

9.Dialogue (parts 1 And 2)

10.What A Big Surprise

11.This Christmas (LP Version)

12.Dialouge (Provided)

13.Along Comes a Woman (Single Version)

14.Will You Still Love Me? (Single Version)

15.Funny Honey

16.When You're Good to Mama

17.Mister Cellophane

18.You're Not Alone (Album / Single Version)

19.I Can't Do It Alone

20.Chicago - If You Leave Me Now

21.Chicago - Look Away

22.Your The Inspiration

23.Dialogue Part II

24.Mother (LP Version)

25.Love Me Tomorrow (Single Remastered Version)

26.Only Love

27.Saturday In the Park (Remastered Version)

28.If You Leave Me Now (Remastered LP Version)

29.The Greatest Love

30.Come To Me, Do

31.Long Lost Friend

32.Chasin' the Wind (Album Version)

33.I'd Rather Be Rich (Previously Unissued Version of Original-Rehearsal)

34.Dialogue (Part I)

35.Happy Man (GH2 Edit Remastered Version)

36.All That Jazz

37.Sleeping In The Middle Of The Bed

38.Here With Me (Candle For The Dark)

39.Stone Of Sisyphus

40.Moonight Serenade

41.Chicago - Hard Habit To Break

42.Doin' Business

43.Beginnings (LP Version)


45.Razzle Dazzle

46.All I Care About

47.Dialogue (Part 2)

48.Hearts In Trouble

49.We Both Reached for the Gun

50.Cell Block Tango (He Had It Comin')

51.Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?/(Free Form Intro)/Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

52.Nowadays (Roxie)

53.Fancy Colours (LP Version)

54.Southern California Purples

55.Does Anybody Really Know

56.Does Anybody Really Know What

57.Brand New Love Affair (Parts I & II)

58.'Prologue, August 29, 1968'

59.Just You and Me

60.You're My Inspiration

61.Mr. Cellophane

62.Where Were You

63.90 Degrees And Freezing

64.Why Can't We

65.The Glory Of Love

66.Sonny Think Twice

67.Love Will Come Back

68.King Of Might Have Been

69.It Better End Soon - 4th Movement (Preach)

70.Brand New Love Affair I & Ii

71.Dream A Little Dream Of Me

72.25 Or 6 To 4 (Robert Lamm And James Pankow)

73.Forever (Robert Lamm, Bill Gable)

74.I Believe (Bill Champlin)

75.If She Would Have Been Faithful (Steve Kipner And

76.It's Alright (Bill Champlin And David Foster)

77.Niagara Falls (Steve Kipner And Bobby Caldwell)

78.Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now (Jason Scheff And Buzz

79.One More Day (James Pankow And Carmen Grillo)

80.Over And Over (Robert Lamm, James Newton Howard An

81.Will You Still Love Me (David Foster, Tom Keane An

82.Free Flight (Provided)

83.Bad Advice (James Pankow And David Foster)

84.Follow Me (James Pankow And David Foster)

85.Get Away (Peter Cetera, David Foster, Robert Lamm)

86.Hard To Say I'm Sorry (Peter Cetera And David Fost

87.Love Me Tomorrow (Peter Cetera And David Foster)

88.Rescue You (Peter Cetera And David Foster)

89.Waiting For You To Decide (David Foster, David Pai

90.What Can I Say (James Pankow And David Foster)

91.What You're Missing (Joseph Williams And Jay Grusk


93.Once Upon a Time (Provided)

94.'Oh, Thank You Great Spirit'

95.Mongonucleosis (Provided)

96.Woman Don't Want To Love Me

97.Loneliness Is Just A Word

98.Man Vs Man: The End (Provided)