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【 This Is The One(就是唯一) 】【 2009-03-24 】

Album songs:
1.On And On(瘋狂幻想)

2.Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI(耶誕快樂 ! 勞倫斯先生)

3.Apple And Cinnamon(蘋果加肉桂)

4.Taking My Money Back(收回一切)

5.This One (Crying Like A Child)(收回一切)

6.Automatic Part II(Automatic 二部曲)

7.Dirty Desire(瘋狂幻想)


9.Come Back To Me(回到我身邊)

10.Me Muero(悶過頭)

Album Intro:

Utada 1st single「Come Back To Me」を含む、約4年振り待望のセカンド・アルバム「This Is The One」發賣決定!

Album Details

Long-awaited second album release from Utada, also known as Hikaru Utada in Japan. Includes two bonus remixes. Universal. 2009.