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Lil Castles


Lil Castles


作詞:Lil Castles, ASAP TyY
作曲:Lil Castles, ASAP TyY, Peyote Beats

Shorty she come from the 6 and she f*** with the kid so she gettin me lip
Ice on my neck and my wrist and I split up the chips with my bros and my b****
Pour 4 Pour 4
Lil baby you ain't bool lil baby you ain't gang
No baby we can't cool no baby we can't hang

First I wake up then I bake up got my cake up purp drank laker
Run that check up b**** I'm flexed up if you test us you get wet up
Whippin Lexus had stack like tetris
Big rocks on my necklace that be tennis
Big drank Texas that's for breakfast
Drop off the top and I spill out the sauce
You can't be boss if you can't take a loss
Buy the whole mall I don't care what it cost
I'm f***** up neiman you shopping at ross
Rick ross rick ross wrist be on voss
Mob s*** I cover my mouth when I talk
You pourin' out liquor I'm pouring out wok
You puffin' on swishers I'm puffin' on sauce
Dip in the whip and I stick to the code
Flip and I dip and I whip and I go
I be grippin' the chicken while blowin' that dro
Nah ima really let it go
H** know I'm best with the flow
F*** with gang I got shooters on go
If you ain't a friend you's a motha****** foe and If you ain't a b**** you's a motha****** h**

Shorty I come from the 9 and I floss all the time said she heard through the vine
No I don't nickel or dime I don't sip on no wine yeah the feelin' is fine
Pour 4 Pour 4
Lil baby you ain't bool lil baby you ain't gang
No baby we can cool no baby we can't hang

Tony Montana I'm quick with hammer my shooters bananas
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No we don't shoot for no camera we load up the cannon and buss at yo nana
Buss at yo nana we buss at yo landlord then buss at yo grandma huh
Pocket full of Hanna Montana, b**** I'm hot like Hotlanta
Got that Hanna Montana I'm not from Atlanta been rockin' bandanas since I saw Santana
Been f***** on b****** and f***** on thots
Drop off the top and I spill out the sauce
Milly rock on yo city block and you hatin' boy like a city cop
I'm out Philly pop and I really pop and I Diddy bop buss on any opp
Hot boy hot boy hot boy
Really from the block boy
But I don't dance like block boy
Drip when I walk need a mop boy
Blowin' on that bok choi
Rockin' all that Tom Floyd
Oops I mean Tom Ford
Oops I mean Tom Ford flooded the frame what I need to see the time for
Pour 4

Taking yo b**** lil n**** don't say s***
Freaky b**** but she don't take ****
Better watch the b****** that you lay with
My n***** ain't the ones that you play with
Head shots we don't shoot below the neck
I can give a f*** about you n***** havin' on vest
When the bullets hit it's gone lay you to rest
Hard to breath boy can't catch ya breath
Gassed up my n***** never on E
I ain't gotta trip n**** it's on me
G** got a strap and I came from the army
Whenever I'm sippin n**** it's Don P
Still in the trap and I'm rockin' Givenchy
With a lil rican and I call her my Mami
Play with a n**** get hit with the tommy
Play with a n**** get hit with the tommy