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Jackson Turner


Jackson Turner

We Walkin' Cypher

作詞:Jackson Turner, N.B.S., DanE, Zulu Bob

Ok I pop that, you hold that
I fuck around with those old cats that hold straps
We go back like bro sacks and you so wack
I beast tracks and assassinate them
Flows so ill they have to hate them
I annihilate them they all we're faking
Real white boys out in Georgia Macon
With the dow we're making and the hoes we're scrapin'
Only blow Os thats all I'm blazing
Only smoke loud thats so amazing
Eyes Chinese but I'm not an Asian
They love me, only drink Henney, no bubbly
Green Flag Gang we hungry
Five chicks telling me they love me and its ugly
When it comes to a boss nigga, it costs figures
Goons grow free, yours wanna floss with you
I'm a get her, you're a quitter, I'm a hit her
Pop in your liver, then put your body in a river
My name's Flash, ask about me
Tap that ass if the ass is healthy
Count that cash, that cash be lovely
RMB boy we about the money, yeah
And you know that, N.B.S. and we ready
No matter the place, we're all in your face with tracks
My dookies are deadly

My shit is monumental
I roll up on you like I pop a pimple
Got the venue packed with followers like we five percenters
Let me finish my sentence, spitting message
Liberty isn't in question long as we get the oppressors
So read your lessons
I try to leverage everything and make my presence felt
Sent to hell and back without a death wish
And still I live to tell
I been on that stealth tip
Put on my Celtic jersey, see if my belt fits
Get on that beat and start to spit until the speakers are melted
Call me selfish? Nah
I spread the wealth kid
My penmanship will sink into your mental like a felt tip
I been down and I came back
Took it all when I placed bets
I cashed in my paycheck
Made fans and I faced threats
I seen it all, been abroad
Supreme like Diana Ross
I'm reaching out for the stars in a ship just like Niki Minaj
So peep the cards, come on
You seem to be at odds
I'm trying to get this fire blazing like I'm Peter Tosh

Make room for the renegade
As the tension of truth comes to escalate
I always knew that I'd never be
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One place, one love, full of harmony, they say
Hope that we'll never see
Hope we'll never be emancipated
Freedom debated
Start to think, highly overrated
Life be traded like stock
You livestock on that block
Nothing but phones block
By Pinocchios
Oh no, that nose be long of course
We know binoculars no longer needed right
Cause true colors bleeded right through
Pull the plug right before everything leak through
Till they see you still play peekaboo
Who's the fool who be schooled?
Continue to move and do what I meant to do
Pretend like I got blocked like I'm food for the wolves
Cause they want me too
Oooh, they got him, they boss him
We watch them, they shot him
Its all the same, they ride us and do till they fight us
Until then the night is the same

The best rhymers, the US, to all China
We all diamonds
In other words, we all shining
So get your shades, get your hats with long visors
The Vets, nah, can't forget that
We all timers
We too deadly, we too nice, we too ready
We too steady, we too hot, Serengeti
These haters trying to stop the movement
These dudes petty
The same clowns are just some meatballs on my spaghetti, ahhh
We killing the game
Rocking it often and spitting them flames
We flossing and shock them, no shit is the same
We talk it, we walk it, then get in range
You niggas is lame, we getting the change
Our money come fast and we spend it the same
You funny, I laugh then I'm getting your dame
I stick in her tummy, she giving me brains
This shit is insane, they throwing it up
They know my name
Who's flow? It's Nux

It doesn't matter where you are you best know who you talking to
You catch us all up in the spot, we get respect we walking through
It doesn't matter where you are you best know who you talking to
You catch us all up in the spot, we get respect we walking through
It doesn't matter where you are you best know who you talking to
You catch us all up in the spot, we get respect we walking through
We walking through
We walking through
We walking through