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Sangary Brothers


Staring out the open window
My heart beats so slow
Do I stay or do I go?
I don't know
If I leave I know I'll grow
But there's a chance that it may snow
And I won't survive the cold
If I stay I'll be the same
The only difference will be my age
So it's time that I be bold before I get too old

Birds flying high
Hear them whispering in the sky
Hear them singing, oh hear them singing
Love is in the air, oh and it's not rare
Yeah, this love is fair
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It goes everywhere
Even where you wouldn't dare go

It's time you get out of your comfort zone
And go into the great unknown
Cause you're not alone
There will be bumps and you will fall
You might even run into a couple of walls
Just get back up and go through them all
Trust me when I say these bumps will drive you insane
But also know that your journey will not be in vain
I hear the birds flying high, they're still whispering up in the sky
They say you're going the right way
Just keep your faith