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Lets Be Friends


Lets Be Friends

Best in the West

we the best at grand lyrical, bustin bone crushin
best at imperial, then you funk functions
best raw materials, pull in no punches
best thing scence siri, so dont wake in yo moanin wit'
the best generals, movin in on you quick wit'
the best chemicals, heal yu or burn yu wit' 'em
(are)the best sylebols, best incredible
best in the west ride like the best vehichles
best with the chest strategies a'int fellin 'em
body when the tragedy, agree the inforation on 'em
best with the justice test arm specs
be prepared for the best cuts
best needles best scriptures what?
best up lets get these nuts, best with the mic on yu
best knife your best as fuck, im best with a pipe yu best pup
best hunch best (lets) not get any...
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(best in the wet ride x8)
(amazing dubstep music)
best in the west - yeah!
(more dope dubstep)
(more dank dustep)
(best in the west ride x 8)
(some cool cowboy music)
(best in the west ride x 8)
(some dopestep)
best in the west - yeah!
(best in the west ride x 8)