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Elin Ruth Sigvardsson


Elin Ruth Sigvardsson

How You Dug Your Own Grave

Look what you've done
Oh what have you done
Eclipsed my sun
The change was sudden

You wanted my heart
And I let you in
You fucked up everything
Your love was rotten

I don't want you back
You're not a good man
Your devilish hell
Is not forgotten

Your blinding smile
It hides your dark side
Can no longer lie
'Cos I've seen everything

You said I was wild
So you held me down
You held me too tight
And now I can't break
your fall
My hands are tied

What have I done
Oh, look what I've done
It looks like I won
You must feel bitter

You messed me up
And I let you down
The bill for your fun
Is now delivered
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I'm not coming back
You're not a good man
Your castles of sand
Fall to shivers

You turned me around
Away from myself
That was just how
You dug your own grave

You said I was loud
So you shut me up
Forbidding me to speak
So now I can't kiss your mouth
My lips are sealed

You said I shouldn't mess with you
If I knew what was best for me
And now I do

I've got no respect for you
You can fool the whole world but not me I've heard everything
Your every down word
You hit me with
Rings through my ears
So now I can't hear that old song
You wrote for me

You said I was wild
You said I was too loud
You turned me around
and as I'm slowly turning back
I turn my back on you going down.