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Tumor Circus

Calcutta A-Go-Go

Two skeletons embrace
Atop a human brain
Revolving sunset glare
Frosts the folds
They stretch across the wrinkles
Like a nude Marilyn Monroe
Clatter their teeth
And take a bite of the soil

Rock back and forth
Screaming at the sky
Where is our God?
We wanna love you but why?
Slices of our mind
Point to different paths
Only one might grant a taste
Of eternal peace

Dip your toe in the ice
Scratch your head, find lice
Crawling out from your fingernail

Transfixed as the world turns
More and more like Calcutta
Trampling heat of life in a shrinking cage
More and more crowded into less
Writing drips from the walls
So thin they wilt
With the next monsoon

Who will survive?
The people or the snakes?
The sharks? The roaches?
Or the rats?
Who are we to tell ourselves
That the pinnacle
Of evolution
Is the human race
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Trickling diwn through your gums
Nothing tastes quite right
I wave my antennae

Eye to eye
Kali Yuga
Feeding on a host who gave up to soon

Let's ride the falling stars
To the ruins of the old gold mine
Rub the rust and splinters into our wounds

Roll and grind on the old slag heap
At the edge of the shafts of darkness
That plunge so far below

Drop a rock down
There's no splash
No dust, no clues, no ash
Echo back

Spellbound jaws 'neath the balcony
Possum tailed from the Lemming tree
Plug-in Evita waves
And flashes a peroxide smile-

Follow hope upstream
As we're swept downstream
Godot fell asleep at the wheel somewhere
Oh oh oh
Our heads are in the sand at high noon