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Tiny Kingdoms


Tiny Kingdoms


This is a declaration of war Onto loss words, and actions
We weren't even close to coming clean
I tried to be more than just talk but I hated the taste and was swallowed
into the street It's a fake sense of safety and I for one will not be strung along
I'm still hoping to be something greater, still inhaling the same fumes
Still hoping it'll all be gone

Maybe I've just felt dead for too long

But I watched them take your mountains, your skies, and all the lights from your eyes
And I felt so helplessI always thought I nursed the things that plague me
But then they avalanche into the patterns in which I sleep

Now and again I find myself in native lands
Where the hell have I been, how will anyone ever understand? Avalon, Avalon you haunt me
I didn't think it'd hit this hard
Avalon, Avalon you haunt me.