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The Tree Ring


The Tree Ring

Ghosts of Happiness

Under unsure skies my eyes evaluate the light
To decide how much they can afford to let inside

And interpret the colors to try and show my mind what's true
No matter how defined and brilliant are the hues
I tend to read them blue

A surplus of comfort tends to form a crippling hole
That lets you eat all night and never quite feel full

But leaves us haunted by years when we were still too young to know
We had as much as any human life can hold
But still worried if there could be more
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When the dawn explodes
In this tawny meadow
The birdsong swallows my angst and fills my throat

Because the fear of my secrets has stolen up too many years
And I am tired of being blind to all that's here
So I pine for day I'm finally not surprised to find
That freedom only comes inseparably tied
To promises that guide
Me honestly toward my own mind