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The Hello Dave


The Hello Dave

Hello, Dave.

Go on, bright star
Collapse into the water
I'll be the sea
Atoning hard-boilded sins
On the shore
I'm spitting well-cooked sentences
As the tide took all the limbs away

Sand is hot
Above your head a shooting star
Bless you then
Kneel down in starry eyes
Hence, the God you praised a whole life's looking down
I'm so far away from Dave

I broke the hymen of magnificence
Never seen it bleeding red
Answers that were never told
Secret that the windows hold

It's the dawn all of a sudden
But has our conflict really dawned?
It's just wrong from our beginning
Starting from that restless dawn

I'll never wash away my sins
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Such shakey hands
I hold tight on our photograph
Wondering if I've even ever been
A part of you
Because you, oh, you've always been
A huge part of me, though

Sun sets high, all of a sudden
Did the sunshine heal your wounds
You've never put your pride away
Is it over, done or endless
Has The Death knocked at our door?
It's our end but my beginning
Northern wind sneaks through the woods

From the back porch I can see
A little something's going on
In a pet shop on the aisle of the street, behind my door
They sell dogs who sing like syrens
What if they'd sing to the moon?
Would the moon come down on Earth?
And fall asleep in Dave's Cocoon