There Is an Ocean 歌詞 Pete Davis ※
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Pete Davis


Pete Davis

There Is an Ocean

It used to be that we were
All of us alone, with our intent to stay that way

The mountains came
To push us apart
And we obeyed
Without question or strain
But some wouldn't budge
So they bore right on through
The barricades

And held tight onto each other
With their own intent to stay

Hollow the sound of the footsteps above,
And you can feel its eyes are watching
The sun has set so many times

So pray that it goes away
And pray that it doesn't return
So dark the coming days

So cover your eyes again
I'll cover your mouth with my hand
Your sweet breath all the same

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And nobody hears it now
And nobody suspects a thing
Before I dig this grave,
Who do you call for?

Under the shadows, the auspices,
Guided to rake of this land all the fates we disbelieve
So cover your eyes again.
It used to be the ones we loved,
The ones we carried with us
It used to be the skies above
Would fill with the blackest smoke and
High, Heaven will know the place I go,
I know, I know, oh I know
Everything else it used to be
Is it better now?

(Hope carry us under,
Breathe into us, always
Calm strains suffice,
Ever soft, signify
Let our hearts fill with tears
Let our eyes fill with blood)