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Ark Patrol feat. Veronika Redd


Ark Patrol feat. Veronika Redd

Let Go (feat. Veronika Redd)

Tumble out of bed
Dizzy in the head
Saying what you said
When you came home alone
Mumble a reply

Followed by a lie
Leave me wondering why
As if I'd never known
Partial to the groove

But still you never move
Stubborn through and through
You're just an animal
Stuck inside your clutch

It's chilling to the touch
Never liked it much
But now you won't let go
Back it (back it) down
Admit that I was right
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But still you try to fight
And leave me in the night
When you refuse to lose
Step out of the car
Head into the bar
It's nothing new as far
As you're concerned
Wonder who to blame
Your father was the same
Always playing games
And never backing down

You stare at her face
Wondering how to phrase
Her invitation home
You're just a little boy
Back it (back it) down
(Repeat first verse)