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Joe Praize


Joe Praize

Destined to Win

I'm what God says I am
Everything I do shall prosper
Everyone I touch
Receives the blessing of the lord
I know my future is so bright
The world is failing
Her strength is fading
But we are reigning
Unto his glory
Solution is in our hands
No matter the storm
The wind and the rain
Power is available for you
Power is available
I cannot stop
I live on top x2
I'm destined to win
Oh oh oh oh oh x2
I cannot stop
I live on top x2
I'm destined to win
Some trust in chariot
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Some trust in oxen
But we trust in the name of Jesus
For he's the solid rock on which I stand
All other ground is sinking sand
I can't be stopped
I can't be moved
I live on top
I'm soaring high be the spirit
When trouble comes like a flood
You raise up a standard against them
I'm a superstar
Stronger than the lion
Truly come from Zion
You see I can't be stopped
Cause I'm destined to win
I live in victory --- yeah
More than a conqueror --- -yeah
Failure is far from me I know
I am destined to win
I am destined to win