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Great Grandpa


Great Grandpa


Stumble down to the bus stop
grey washed to the bluster
in casted out thoughts
Shoes dragging on the pavement
unnerves me in ways
to keep it moving
Pounding sticks in my head
as I try to give in to the ways I digress

I've got the same face
hair is changing
and I might stick right now
but then i'll drift off

Wore down this shine
as looping back
seems to make it grow duller
Unfurl this spline
with crooked slack
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that bends to look closer
And I need that rush
gotta fade or else it does
I know you feel the same

Woke in a haze on the bus
the hard blue seats really hold in the musk
Livid and backtracking now
I'm pulling the chord
but I cringe at that sound
Projected in ways on my peers
their somber moving iterates all my fears

I'm in the same place
but I'm changing
and I might slip somehow
but then you'll get off