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As You Are

Oh yeah
Take em off – Your insecurity
Be yourself – Baby don't mind me
I won't judge you – so put your mind at ease
Don't hold back – Just open your heart too me
And you make me weak in the knees

Baby come – Just as you are
We can see if it's written in the stars
You and me, could share something beautiful
So baby, just come as you are
Come as you are, come as you are Baby

Take em down – These walls you build to protect
Your heart – From the hurt
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And the pain you felt in the past
Oh baby – We don't have to move too fast
We can take it slow
It's you girl that I want to know

Baby come.

And people spend their lives – living in disguise
Hiding what's inside, before they realize
Stay true to yourself is where happiness lies

Baby come…