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Close Up On the Quiet Ones


Close Up On the Quiet Ones

Addicts, Fakes, And Suicide Lakes

Let's turn to page 56.
I just needed you to tell me I was better than this.
Yeah I was better than this,
I gave you everything you needed to know.
And I'll admit,
I'm addicted to the way that you say you need me.
Say you need me.

Just say you didn't mean it.
Just say you'll sleep it off.
Just say you found a way to forget it all.

So tell me who you wanna be,
are you accepted and expected?
And are you afraid? Or are you afraid?
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And you can say you wanna sleep,
just please don't say you're over me.
And are you afraid, no are you afraid?

Spent 18 months in a deep sleep,
and did it ever cross your mind just to phone me?
And I hope you'll never know while you were running from snow,
I was left without a clue as to where to go.
And I know you're taught to take it.
Do you have to take it?
Just make them believe you faked it.
And I want you to know, no matter where that you go,
you can't always run from the snow.