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Caroline Dare


Caroline Dare

If Only

It's 3am I can hear your voice through my bedroom walls
Yeah my house may be pretty but see what goes down in the halls
No my life isn't perfect and I'm trying to work all I can
But some nights I'm tired that's something you don't understand

If only you could see what's in my mind
Then maybe you'll know why I'm never fine
Can someone be proud of who I am and what I've become
Cause I'm at that point where I'm worn out completely numb

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I truly and deeply am sorry for all that I've caused
No I never reach up to your expectations I'm always wrong
So sorry for not being that perfect pretty girl that you want

You never know where my thoughts are going this time
Maybe cause you never took the time to realize
But I still have demons and battles I'm trying to win
So don't let me lose and be terrified of my own skin