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A Wake in Providence


A Wake in Providence


i am the posion running through your veins
i am the cancer feeding off your brain
ripping your heart apart
piece by piece
just slit your fucking throat
and watch yourself bleed

fear me i am the only reason you're alive

when you felt love
i felt hate
when you felt alive
i was dying on the inside
i am not a man
i am a monster
a vile creation of hate
of hate

every minute every hour every second of every day
the clock keeps ticking
and time is just slipping away

you've been haunted by this darkness
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powerless to everything thing it creates
forever hopeless
you want this
but your conscious it tries to break free

i've been living in your shadows
haunting every dream
you've ever dreamed
tormenting everything you love

surrounded by the misery that's been ignored by the world
i'm elated
to see your demise
slowly fading, quickly hating what's left of your life
ill end this hate when you accept your fate

when you accept your fate

slowly fading quickly hating whats left of your life
so accept your fate