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House of Necrophilia

I Awake In This Goomy Morning
My Psychotic Lover By My Side
Awoken To Greet The Horror
And The Pleasure I Feel Inside
My Halitosis Breath Reeks Death
And This Unbearrable Aftertaste
Scabs Of Caked Blood
Is Dried Up On My Face

Sinister Deranged Laughter
Echo Throughout The Night
Entrails, Blood And Organs
I Devour With Delight

In The House Of Necrophilia
Late Night Killing Just Took Place
Fermenting Flesh And Organs
Maggots Eats Your Festered Brain
Methane Fill Out Lungs
As We Made Love To This Decay
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he Sight Of Mangled Stiff
Splattered In Dissaray

Gargling Bile, Urinal Secretions
My Wife Mounts The Rotting Stiff
She Loves Castrated Genitalia
Thrust Deep Inside Her Clit

Dismembered Limb From Limb
Scalpels Carve Your Hideous Face
Posthumous Viscous Semen
Is Injected In My Veins

Our Morbid Moans And Groans
Sends Shivers Down Your Spine
I'll Bury The Hacked Leftovers
In The Moonlit Cemetary Tonight