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Julie Feeney

Mr. Roving Eye Guy

Mr. Roving eye guy with high wall round his heart
He said he couldn't find a good enough girl for him
He found flaws with every girl he'd meet
She had big hands or funny feet
He found ways out of meeting the girl of his dreams,
Refusing to succumb or surrender to a new queen

Mr. Roving eye guy found a haven to protect him
From rejection nothing brought in or out from there
Dancing girls dressed up as romance
Aesthetically pleasing pretend romance
Good time romances not long time romance 'it's been fun',
A holding pattern of romances, comfort blankets, glances

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Mr. Roving eye guy found a girl that every other
Mr. Roving eye guy would gaze at
Would he settle for the best of his bad lot
Or still roam the hills to see what they'd got
Would he unleash his fears and let inertia bleed
Would he break his own rules and think of
And think of his dreams
Would he just you fall in love
Would he just you fall in love

You fall in love
You, you fall in love