Down the Slide, Up the Plate 歌詞 Deifecation ※
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Down the Slide, Up the Plate

Lured inside the perpetrator's car
he took it homewards
Remote was his cottage,
not disturbed by priers

While serving in the army
he was traumatised for life
Being the punk bitch all the time
got it in the back at the infantry

He wants his revenge at society
to eradicate it at the root
A man with a mission he is
at home he will take care of this brood

After tending the vegetable garden
he's famished by a hard day's work
Tiny lacerations made on the infant's body
then rubbed in with spicy marinade
Stuffed an apple in its mouth preventing annoying whining

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After several hours it looks savoury and swollen
Ramming a meat hook down its throat
Grappling at its guts in order to pull them out
Now its ready to be stuffed

Finely chopped onions, crushed garlic,
carrots and leek will do fine
And of corpse a glass red wine
A hint of lemon to top it off

Gas oven turned to setting 4,
pre-heated at 5. 30 minutes later...
Quite a feast!

He strengthens his grip
to remove a tasty spare-rib
The taste is sublime
and sends shivers down his spine