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David Ackles


David Ackles

The Road To Cairo

A fella told me
This here road leads to Cairo
I've got to get me a ride
I've got to go back
Go back to my children
I got to see my little my bride

I've been traveling
Gone a long long time
Don't know what I'll find
Scared of what I'll find
But I just got to see them again

Hey thanks for stopping
Are you headed down to Cairo
I wrecked my Lincoln in St. Joe
Well to little old Cairo
No special reason
Look up some folks I used to know

Me I traveled some
Had my share of fun
Now that's the life a man can live
Sure I've played the loss
But who minds the cause
You've got to take more than you give

Hey you got another cigar
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Son I sure like this car
Oh from your daddy as a gift
Say on second thought
There's gifts I haven't bought
Just drop me here
Thanks for the lift

Yes I've traveled some
Yes I've been a bum
Never have a dime for gin
I left to make my way
For here I can't stay
To see my children poor as sin

I know this road
It leads straight into Cairo
Twenty two miles straight ahead
I can't I can't walk down this road to Cairo
They're better thinking I'm dead

I've been traveling
Gone a long long time
Dunno what I'll find
Scared of what I'd find
I just can't
Just can't walk down this road